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I am overwhelmed and grateful to be able to even write this post. When I met with Dr. Charlson in the fall, he promised that I’d be back for Fall 2014. I didn’t believe him. After all, my first surgery was the perfect example of “what could go wrong, did” and I went into my second in a world of pain. But here we are on May 13th, 3 months after my first post-surgery steps and I’ve picked my fall marathon. The selection process actually wasn’t that easy. I wanted a marathon that gave me a decent shot at good weather (so no September and no southern marathons), that I could travel to easily (med school scheduling sucks) and that had a reasonably fast course and competition. Going in as an elite athlete was a secondary criteria. In the running were Chicago, Monumental, Las Vegas, Rocket City and Mohawk Hudson River Marathon. All had various pros and cons but ultimately I decided on Mohawk Hudson and am thrilled to be headed there October 12th as an Elite Athlete. Huge thanks to MHRM for inviting me; I’m looking forward to helping make for a fast day!

Mohawk Hudson was actually my first half marathon, way back in 2009. I was 2nd in my age group in 1:33. How things have changed. I went to undergrad in Albany and knew the half course well. Although I’ll go down once before this fall to run the first half of the course, there is something wonderful about racing somewhere familiar. I’m especially looking forward to a Bomber’s Burrito after the race! I’m also looking forward to a wickedly fast course, easy travel (I can sleep in my own bed on Friday!) and great competition on the men’s and women’s side.

A Goal: Break the Course Record of 2:47:22

B Goal: Break 2:50

C Goal: PR

Will did some math and if I’m in VCM 2013 shape and get decent weather, the course record should be well within reach. 5 months to go! Let the work begin.

What’s your fall marathon? What races have you run multiple times?

4 thoughts on “Fall Marathon News

  1. Ryan

    Based on the experiences of several of my friends, you definitely picked a good race to set ambitious time goals. This is probably one of the few marathons that you will be better served running down the Battery St hill instead of up during training. My wife is doing the half, so I’ll probably be spectating at mile 21.5/8.5. You went from running your first half to becoming a sub-3:00 marathoner in less than 4 years? Wow.

    I am leaning towards the Cape Cod Marathon at the end of October. I am hoping that training through the heat/misery of summer and racing a (hopefully) cool fall marathon works better the reverse for spring marathons has.

    1. runnerunderpressure


      I actually did things backwards. I ran my first full before I ran my first half, so my first full was in November 2008. But yes, it’s been a fast 5 years! 8.5 is right around the park in Watervliet, right?

      Woooo everything I’ve heard about Cape Cod Marathon is that it’s really hard! The first half is flat but the second half is very hilly and wind is almost always a factor.

      1. Ryan

        Yes, that is in Watervliet where the course turns off of the road and onto the bike path for the last stretch to the finish.

        I find you referring to a marathon as “really hard!” rather disconcerting. I think I may need to spend some time on marathonguide.com tonight.


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