Good Eats: 5.20.14

I used to LOVE shellfish (crawfish boils, shrimp cocktail, shrimp etoufee…I digress) but developed a serious allergy to shellfish in my early 20s and haven’t touched it since. This leaves us with shellfish’s fishy cousins. Neither Will nor I are crazy about fish but we know it’s great for us so I’ve been testing out lots of recipes over the last year to find ways to fit salmon, tuna, tilapia and swordfish into our lives. This week, we test drove two recipes and both were pretty tolerable.

The first was Salmon with Sriracha sauce with Lime, which I served with brown rice. Because I am not Gwyneth Paltrow and don’t have time to zest a lime, I skipped that part. We both agreed that this was a great recipe that we’d make again, maybe with a more exciting rice dish on the side.

Simple ingredients, delicious sauce.

Simple ingredients, delicious sauce.

The second was a Tilapia Wrap with Mango Pico de Gallo. Apparently I DID channel my inner Gwyneth because I decided to make the salsa on my own instead of buying it. The store bought stuff was all sugar and salsa isn’t that hard, so I chopped everything up and let it sit overnight to make a great salsa. If I did this recipe again, I’d add jicama or something else crunchy to augment the almost-mushy consistency of everything else.

Homemade salsa! Can't wait to make some nachos to finish this up.

Homemade salsa! Can’t wait to make some nachos to finish this up.

Final product. I added cheese. Because it's not a taco without it.

Final product. I added cheese. Because it’s not a taco without it.

Finally, I made a dish I’ve been wanting to make for AGES. One of the best parts of marrying Will was inheriting literally 30 of the nicest runner boys as friends. The one who told Will that he’d better marry me or he’d regret it his whole life is Terrance, a giant blonde teddy bear who happens to love all things Buffalo Chicken. When I saw this recipe, I pinned it for the next time T comes to town. I like to spoil everyone with food, it’s a huge fault of mine. Since he hasn’t been up in a while, I test drove it for Will and I on Sunday night. DELICIOUS. It is not a light recipe by any means, but we added a salad and called it good. I did cut the recipe in half in terms of hot sauce, ranch and cheese and it was still plenty good.

Healthy ingredients list. And yes, that's Frank's in Ketchup Style. Buy it now.

Healthy ingredients list. And yes, that’s Frank’s in Ketchup Style. Buy it now.

The final product, perfect for reloading after a long run.

The final product, perfect for reloading after a long run.

In other food news, Trader Joes finally came to Burlington! Will had never been so I dragged him on opening day and stocked up on essentials like baked tofu, soyaki and of course, Cookie Butter. One of those items did not last the weekend.


What fish dishes do you like? Where do you find your recipes? Favorite Trader Joe’s item?

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  1. Tina Muir

    Ooooh that sounds pretty good! I am a lover of most fish dishes, but I do not get enough of them in my diet. I need to work on that. Favorite trader joes item has to be the crack butter too….but dried mango comes in a close second!


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