Kara to Sketchers, Track is Back, Booty Shorts and Tyson Gay

Another big news week in running! First, Kara Goucher signed with Skechers. As I wrote about in an earlier post, this remains a big effing deal because she is one of the only major athletes with separate apparel and shoe contracts. Meb has had considerable input at Skechers with his GoMeb line, so it will be interesting to see what role Kara will play. Along those lines, here’s an interesting article on Skechers versus Nike.

Track is back! The American Track League kicked off last weekend in Indiana. The brainchild of a Paul Doyle, ATL seeks to inject some life into track and get people out watching meets again. Each meet is abbreviated and features a few key races and field events with major names in track. After the races, athletes like Lolo Jones and DeeDee Trotter hung out with fans. The meet even invited participants down to the track, offering a lane in the 100 meter dash to the person with the fastest 40 meter time from a preliminary heat.

Stephanie Bruce wrote a great blog entry about what it means to be a professional athlete and the constant stress of running for a sponsor. Like so many athletes in this off year, Bruce finds herself without a sponsor. In her case, she also used to the off year as many do to start her family. It’s a great read and personal account of what the reality is for many of our star runners.

I stumbled across this article and LOVED the message. I am not into CrossFit and find the whole deal little cultish, but if it gets people active and I don’t have to repair their shoulders/knees/hips, it doesn’t affect my life. Body image is such a struggle for almost everyone and this mom’s thought process is just beautiful.

A review of the new Kinvara 5. This shoe was my first true love after my first surgery, so I’d love to see if they really have fixed some of the issues from the 3 and 4.

More f**king frustrating doping news, this time with Tyson Gay who got caught last year and apparently brokered a deal to only have one year of suspension. He managed to also affect his teammates, effectively stripping the US of a gold medal.

What did you read this week? Would you go to one of the ATL events?

2 thoughts on “Kara to Sketchers, Track is Back, Booty Shorts and Tyson Gay

  1. Ryan

    I’ve never thought about going to a track meet. I obsessively watch the Olympics, but forget that the sport goes on in the off years. SUNY Albany just built a new track and field complex, so if something like that came to town I’d probably go.

    I really liked the Kinvara 3 for a while, but it was probably the wrong shoe for me. The first couple pairs were good, lasted for 225-250 miles, but I think the shoe altered my stride and mileage dropped to 150-175 before the outside edge of the sole was destroyed. I didn’t take the hint and now I have two pairs of the 4 with very low mileage (and holes in the upper) that I won’t run in. One pair gets sacrificed to the Mt Snow Tough Mudder in a couple of weeks.

    1. runnerunderpressure

      Didn’t realize you were in the Albany area. I ran many laps on the old track at Albany as an undegrad! Good luck at Mt. Snow Tough Mudder. I had friends do it two years ago and holy hard!


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