Week in Review 4.28.14 to 5.4.14

We made it to May! I ran over 200 in April, which is a nice checkpoint and ended the week with my very first race back. It was supposed to be a “rapid exponential taper” week but I didn’t do a great job with the exponential piece. Still reduced volume and my legs appreciated it this morning.

Monday: With a very sick puppy, took this as my off day. Prorated 6.75

Tuesday: The consequences of not stretching before bed!! Painful 5.75 miles where everything hurt.

Wednesday: Run with Oonagh, did a mini workout to help “rust bust” her legs before the spring season starts. We did 3 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute of “faster than easy” pace then did a full body lift in the gym. This is where I made a critical leg press error that I paid for throughout the rest of the week. 5.25 miles.

Thursday: Heartrate check in day. I did this run with the sole goal of keeping my heartrate under 135 bpm and just recorded what the pace was. I was happy to find it over 20 seconds faster than 2 weeks ago. Nice way to measure fitness acquisition. Still ridiculously sore. Core afterward.

Friday: Easy run with Watson who was having none of it. Made the idiotic choice to wear my old Mirages which set my foot off. Not great decision making all around!

Saturday: Shake out run. Warmed it up, cruised to my best guess at race effort, shut her down.

Sunday: Race Day. Jogged 2 miles to warm up. 15K race in 1:03 high. Jogged 2 to cool down.

Total Miles: 42.2 miles.

Now that I got through a “test race,” it’s onward to VCM. A couple of workouts headed my way this week, a 16 miler at the end of the week and hopefully a renewed focus on lifting. It’s time to add drills too.


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