Week in Review: 5.12.14 to 5.18.14

You can’t make this shit up: both last week and this week, I ran exactly 57.89 miles. In the past week, summer has arrived in a big way bringing with it a resurgence of my watch tan and lots of hot, sticky runs where I swore I’d get my hydration back under control.

Monday: Easy 8.9 feeling really ploddy.

Tuesday: Easy 9.4 with Annie on trails.

Wednesday: Miserable track workout in 80 degrees and humidity at high noon. Excellent sunburn as a bonus. The goal was 12X400 at 90 seconds with 75 seconds of jogging recovery in between. I timed the first couple but gave up with the headwind/humidity and tractor parked across lanes 1 through 4 and just tried to keep the effort the same. By the end, the lane lines were starting to swirl on me but I survived. 8.5 miles with a heavy leg lift after.

Had to check if the lines were actually blurry or if it was me. It was me.

Had to check if the lines were actually blurry or if it was me. It was me.

Thursday: 6.5 mile recovery run. Legs really cooked which oppressive humidity didn’t help.

Friday: 7.5 miles, some of which was with Collette. Legs started to feel snappy towards the end of the hour. Still wicked humid. Lifted arms at home.

Saturday: 10 miles. I meant to do a long run but then I took a small fall at about 8 miles. And by small fall, I mean stepped in a huge hole and fell on my face. My knee bled for the rest of my run and was pretty sore when it was time to drop Joey off so I used all of my grown-up judgment and stopped. Total Abs routine.

Sunday: 7 mile tempo run. Drills (go me!!), 2 mile warmup, 25 minutes continuous tempo and cooldown. Hip core after. My Garmin was all sorts of pissed off by the trees but my pace for the tempo section was 6:45 pace, which was right on for a tempo effort over 20 minutes.

57.89 miles

2 lifts

2 core sessions

2 workouts

Reflection: This week was rough weather-wise, but committing to Albany really helped my motivation and my focus on doing the “extras.” I’m not tapering for the half next weekend so am looking forward to a workout on Tuesday and lifting throughout the week.

Total Abs Routine

Total Abs Routine

Hip Core Routine: 45 to 60 seconds for each activity


Walking Lunges

Calf Raises


Jane Fonda’s

Single Leg Bridge

How was your week in running? Anyone else fall-prone? What’s your approach to running in humidity?


5 thoughts on “Week in Review: 5.12.14 to 5.18.14

  1. Dan Button

    I can definitely relate to the unfamiliarity with heat in my first couple hotter weather workouts this week. My approach to humidity is to wear as little as legally possible and drink tons of water. haha Not fall prone, but did fall hard on some ice yesterday, from one spectrum to the other in temperatures this week.


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