A Week for the Dogs

First, thank you for all of your entries to the Stunt Runner giveaway! Here are two more adorable entries:

Precious Entry

Jamie’s young running buddy Precious

Laurel from Joyrunner's running buddy Samson

Laurel from Joyrunner’s running buddy Samson

The winner of the givaway is Lexa and her running momma Shelby. As you can see below, Lexa has lots of hardware from her momma’s exploits over the last year. Shelby is a seriously busy runner; she ran 10 half marathons last year and finished her first Boston this spring in just over 4 hours. Impressive lady!

Lexa Stunt Puppy

Shelby's Half Marathons over the last year. Impressive!!

Shelby’s Half Marathons over the last year. Impressive!!

Watson is excited to use his Stunt Runner leash this weekend as he and Will will be doing their first 5K together at the Doggie 5K this weekend. Their performance will be almost completely dependent on the weather, how many trees need marking and any particularly attractive squirrels along the course. I can’t wait to take pictures and be cheer squad for my two favorite boys.

How far do you travel for races? Have you done a doggie run?

4 thoughts on “A Week for the Dogs

  1. Ryan

    I am going to run an 8k in Honolulu next month, although the 8k is definitely not the reason for going. Once I knew the dates I would be out there I thought it would be fun to get a Hawaii race shirt and the 8k date worked. I am expecting Hawaii running to involve mostly slow sweaty miles.

    As far as traveling specifically for races, I try to stay within a 4-5 hour drive radius. My wife works for a school district and can’t really take much time off during what I would call prime racing seasons (March-May, Sept-November). She ran the Marine Corps Marathon last year and the 7 hour drive Friday night, race Sunday, 7 hour drive Monday schedule was tough on her (and wasn’t much fun as a spectator either).

    1. runnerunderpressure

      Wow, Honolulu will be fun! Automatic PR for not racing on the mainland?

      I don’t like to travel far for races either; I get stiff in the car and it means I have to travel a couple of days earlier to make sure I’m acclimated before the race.

      1. Ryan

        Also an automatic PR for the first 8k. I’ve done some 5 milers, but never an 8k. It is so close to 5 miles, I don’t get why for a non-track based race they don’t add the extra 100 or so meters to make it an even 5 miles.


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