How I Came to Land on the Hood of a Car

To The Woman Whose Subaru I Landed On Last Night:

I know you were probably distracted or late to pick up your kids or thinking about something from work or home. After all, it was 5:30 and you were pulling out of work. I understand distracted and late. I understand thinking about something other than what you are currently doing. That’s why I run, actually. I run for time to think and process.

What you don’t know about me is that I’ve been running for over 15 years. In that time, I’ve certainly had close calls but I do my part to make sure I don’t land on the hood of the car. I run on the sidewalk. I wear bright colors in the summer and reflective gear at night and in the winter. I don’t wear headphones outside. I always give cars the benefit of the doubt. You also don’t know that I had a friend from high school who got hit by a distracted driver when he was a freshman in college. In an instant, his life and the life of his family changed. In an instant he lost his memories, his future in cycling, his ability to live independently. His story is not unique; every month there are stories of runners, walkers and cyclists injured or killed by distracted drivers.

Like I said to you last night when I slid off your hood, you are extremely lucky I saw you and jumped before I ended up under your wheels. You’re lucky all you have is a dent in your hood. You’re lucky I am a nimble 30 year old and not a small child or older person. You’re lucky I’m calm under pressure.

So when you pull out of work tonight and tomorrow and next month, slow down. Look up. Whatever it is can wait.



5 thoughts on “How I Came to Land on the Hood of a Car

  1. Laurel

    Oh no! So sorry, Sarah! Close calls can really shake someone up. I remember when I almost got hit running at the intersection right near the high school – I couldn’t stop shaking. Glad you’re alright.

  2. Ryan

    I had a good car scare a couple of weeks ago. I was finishing up a short pre-work run and had about 100 yards or so to get to my driveway. Normally I cut through a field but it had rained and I didn’t want to get wet so I decided to run on the shoulder with traffic (not really much traffic at 6:15am) for the 100 yards instead of crossing the road twice in such a short distance. Maybe 30 yards later I hear tires screeching and anti-lock brakes firing behind me. I veered off to the right and heard a thump. I turned around and maybe 25-30 yards behind me a car had hit a deer. For that very long second or two I was convinced the screeching tires were heading towards me. I jogged over to check on the driver, he was okay, the car and deer were not (55 mph zone). I was a little rattled for a couple of days,

    1. runnerunderpressure

      That is so scary. I generally feel like people are respectful around here but there are always the wildcards of medical emergencies, wildlife and things like morning sun in the eye. Glad you were ok!

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