Product Review: Gatorade Prime

My relationship with Gatorade is simple. I drink it in races and occasionally after a hot run but generally don’t have it around. Gatorade now has three lines: Prime, Hydrate (sort of the traditional Gatorade line) and Recover. When I saw Gatorade Prime products on sale for $1 at the grocery store, I took the opportunity to try them out. Not my best bargain hunting.

First I tried the Gatorade Prime Sports Fuel Drink in Berry. It comes in a Capri Sun like pouch without a straw, making it a little difficult to open and drink without pouring it all over your car. The flavor and consistency weren’t bad and actually akin to Capri Sun. I drank half before my workout and half after. The workout was a mess but my stomach was totally happy with my experimentation. If you’re someone who needs cajoling to drink before or after a workout, this might work for you but I can’t find a reason to buy this again over the regular old Gatorade powder which offers a similar nutrition profile with more water per serving. Grade: C+


Some of these ingredients make me nervous.

Some of these ingredients make me nervous.

Second, I tried the Prime Energy Chews. This is where I had high hopes, as I like chewy things and am always looking for pre-run and race fuel that I can tolerate when I’m nervous. Unless I’m having a craving for 8th grade, these will not be my pick. Did you ever chew Bubbalicious, the gum that had fantastic flavor for approximately 13 seconds before turning into a blob of plastic? These have a flavor eerily akin to that plus a bonus granularity that got stuck in my teeth for an hour on my run. There are tons of better chews on the market than this with similar calorie/nutrient profiles. Eat those instead. Grade: D

Nyet, nyet, nyet.

Nyet, nyet, nyet.

Chews Nutrition Facts

Have you tried any of the Gatorade Prime or Recover products? Thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Product Review: Gatorade Prime

  1. Ryan

    You are brave, I am hesitant to try new pre-/mid-run food sources because when things don’t work it is not fun. I’ve found some things that work and I stick with them.
    You should add Met-Rx gummies to the do not buy list. Met-Rx has an arrangement with Tough Mudder and their products are available at some water stops. The gummies were so hard to chew, I had to bite them a couple of times to break them into smaller pieces that I could swallow with water. The protein bars they gave out later were impossible to eat on the move. After 3 hours the last thing I want to do is stand around chewing on a protein bar for 5 minutes. Maybe they are good products for when you are doing a gym based workout, but they do not work for eating on the run.

    1. runnerunderpressure

      Ew that’s good to know. I don’t usually try new things when I’m in peak training but in Phases I and II, a bad run here or there isn’t the end of the world. I’m still not totally convinced regular old gummi candy isn’t the way to go.


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