Sweaty Bands Product Review and Giveaway

This is how you kick off a Monday! I’m a low maintenance runner in terms of gear but one of my giant pet peeves is when my hair hangs in or sticks to my face while running. I wear a low bun for school/work 90% of the time but that’s not enough for running especially if wind is involved. As such, I’m a huge fan of headbands and have been on the constant hunt for one that is functional and fashionable.

My criteria for a headband (in descending order) are:

  1. Stays on without my having to adjust it during the run
  2. Doesn’t have so much grip that it rips my hair out
  3. Absorbs sweat
  4. Looks pretty

I currently have two from Old Navy that stay on well and look okay, but rip my hair and don’t absorb sweat. I have one from Lululemon that is pretty and generally stationary but not absorptive. Then I have a few cotton ones that I wear when I haven’t done laundry in 6 weeks that have no redeeming qualities except that they kind of hold my bangs back.

Thus, I was really excited to have the opportunity to review Sweaty Bands.  They are the brain child of an athlete who was sick of pushing her hair out of her face and are a small business with American made products. Perfect. When I reached out to them to ask to try them out, their customer service could NOT have been nicer. She sent me two bands; one to try and one to giveaway and they arrived within the week. When I emailed her this week to let her know the post would be going up since I’ve had time to test them out, she got back to me within the hour. It’s so nice to have a real person at a company, especially an apparel/accessories company where returns are a possibility.


Pretty packaging.

I’ll admit that when I first opened them up, I was skeptical. They really are aesthetically pleasing and in my headband hunting experience, this isn’t always a good thing. They also lack the “grippy” material inside that I’ve come to expect from sports headbands. Instead, they are lined with velvet.

Before picture...

Before picture…

From our first test run, I was in love. I didn’t have to adjust it once, it looked adorable and it absorbed a concerning amount of sweat. In fact, when I got home, I washed it immediately so I could wear it for my next run. When they went on sale last week, I started looking for more colors to add. Definitely a keeper for me and I’m looking for some to keep “clean” for clinicals when I can’t have hair in my face.

And after. Slightly sweaty runner girl but the band is in the same place.

And after. Slightly sweaty runner girl but the band is in the same place.

Because I like to share the wealth, I have a band to giveaway too AND I saved the pretty pink pattern for you! I’m giving away the pink paisley Sweaty Band to one lucky runner who enters between now and next Monday night (6.30.14 at 11:59 PM EST).

The pink one could be yours!!

The pink one could be yours!!

How To Enter (you can enter as many or as few of the ways below as possible):

  1. Comment with your worst or best running-related hair story.
  2. Share a picture via Twitter or Instagram of your post-run hair (@runswatrun)
  3. Share this post on Twitter (1 share per day). Just click on the Twitter icon at the end of the post so I can keep track and make sure the “via @runswatrun” is on there.
  4. Follow Runner Under Pressure
  5. Tell a friend about Runner Under Pressure and this giveaway and get them to comment on any post for an entry for you AND them. Just make sure they give you credit in the comment!

The Sweaty Bands were provided to me for free by Sweaty Bands. I received no other compensation and the opinions in this post are all mine. Entries will be tracked and a winner will be picked at random by random.org.

Good luck!!


10 thoughts on “Sweaty Bands Product Review and Giveaway

  1. Tessa

    My worst story is running in the humidity and forgetting a headband. I spent the next hour pushing hair off my face and feeling like I had something on my face the whole time. Made my run very long!

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  3. Amber van Zuilen

    I tried a new headband for a marathon and it was a disaster (I really usually am good about not trying something new on the day of a race…). It kept on slipping off my head. I finally ditched it mid-way through the race only to find out after the race that it had been on just long enough to take the sunscreen off my forehead right before my hairline…. horrible small stripe of burn…

    1. runnerunderpressure

      Never underestimate the power of a good headband…Look back in my blog a couple of weeks; I also had a recent headband tanline disaster. Why didn’t I think it would leave a line?!?!? Thanks for commenting.

  4. Laurel

    I’m obsessed with sweatybands. I officially can’t go for a run without some sort of headband because I can’t stand the little bitty hairs that won’t fit in a ponytail hanging around my face. Okay, worst running-related hair story would have to be the time that I forgot a hair tie, but did have a rubber band. Add in some rain to the mix and let’s just say that didn’t turn out well.

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