Week in Review (A Little Late): 6.23.14 to 6.29.14

First, today is the last day to enter the Sweaty Bands giveaway. Thanks for all the great entries and pictures thus far!

This training block has been the definition of “almost.” Like many people, I train in four week blocks, where I do three weeks that build and then an adaptation week to absorb that training. I’d intended this block to be at about 70 miles per week and every week, I’d be on track to meet or surpass that and every week something came up. Ended up at about 65 miles this block and I just have to let it go.

This particular post is a bit late because we moved yesterday! Four years in the same place + wedding + med school = SO MUCH STUFF. I’m so grateful we’ve moved into a bigger space because man did we need it. Still, my legs and feet are exhausted today so I’m glad it’s an adaptation week.

Monday AM: 8.5 easy in the heat

Monday PM: 4 miles with the team plus drills, hip core and lifting arms! Woot!

Tuesday: 9 miles including a minor run in with a car.

Wednesday AM: Rainiest.workout.ever. Did 7 by 800 at flooded-track I pace with 2:45 recovery in between. Lane 1 was totally under water so I just attempted to keep turnover up. 2:58 for the first before the deluge, rest were 3:04. Total of 10.5 miles

Wednesday PM: 3 miles with the team plus drills, circuits and legs.

Thursday: 7 mile trail run with Will at Catamount. Total blast.

Friday: 15 miles in 90 degree weather. Didn’t plan to get my long run in but since I was at 10 when I got home, I went for it. Glad I did, wouldn’t have had time with our weekend.

Saturday: 6.7 miles before the day trip to Boston. Legs tired from the long run in 90 degree heat.

Sunday: Moving plus 20 minute spin on the new spin bike. Ankle toast after being on it all week.

I’m admittedly a little frustrated/anxious that this cycle just hasn’t gone well thus far but trying to remain positive that this adaptation week will give me time to get the new house unpacked and refocus for the next block ahead.

How do you keep your optimism after a tough training block? Anyone else run in the deluge or scorching heat this week?

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