Cleaning House (And Lots of Things to Read)

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Recently Read post, but that hasn’t stopped me from collecting lots of articles in my bookmarks list. One of the to-dos clicking around my two page list has been to get them out to everyone, so here’s to a lot of things to read through on your lunch break or while you’re stretching AND a cleaned out bookmarks list.

Much like we’re beginning to think that taking NSAIDs can actually impede healing, ice baths are coming into question. I use them after hard workouts and after hot days to get my core temperature down, but it’s interesting to read that their utility as a recovery tool may be primarily mental. (Not unlike their cousin compression…)

This post from Runblogger is over a month old but it tugs at my heart strings now as much as it did when I first read it. Our minds are powerful and for young runners, it should all be about fun.

It amazes me that people could approach a marathon without a fueling plan, but in case you were considering that tactic, it may cost you about 11 minutes. Of course, I wonder about the cross over between someone without a fueling plan and someone also without a training plan.

Running really can change your life for the better, no matter where you start.

I had a DVT following my first surgery and the hospitalization that followed were some of the longest days of my life. My friend (and long distance runner) John also had DVTs that turned into PEs, in an even scarier situation because they were seemingly unprovoked by anything other than normal running trauma. As such, this article caught my eye and remains an area of research in which I am greatly interested.

My tendonitis is all healed up now, but this is the taping job that I did to help it get there. The KT tape site is AMAZING for do-it-yourself tutorials. Of course, it doesn’t replace the advice of a doctor or PT, but it can be a nice resource for an ankle sprain or sore area that just needs some extra support.

Feels good to have an empty bookmarks bar! What have you read recently? Anyone else following the European circuit with rapt attention?!


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  1. Jason

    There was an interesting piece in Ultrarunning about training with weight vests – not something I’ve ever tried (or plan on trying in the near future)… but still interesting.


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