Day 1: Burlington to Harrisonburg

Our first day was a lot like the first few miles of a rough run. You aren’t sure you’re going to make it and you question all of your choices. At some point, however, the remaining distance seems doable and you grind through.

We hit impressive weather yesterday including a lightening show that rivaled the 4th of July along with horrific construction traffic. All told, our “easy 10 hour travel” took us almost 13 hours. We arrived in Harrisonburg around 9:45, pulled out running clothes and went to bed.

This morning I got up bright and early to get an easy hour of running in around James Madison University. It was totally quiet on campus and they have TWO tracks. Unfortunately neither opened til 7:45. I was a little nervous as a Tarheel running through anything labeled Duke, but figured a dog was better than a Blue Devil.

The other highlight of the day included a text from Will that he’d locked himself out. Thank goodness for friends with big cars…

Today we’re headed for Memphis. Here’s to 12 hours on 81 and 40!






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