Day 2: Harrisonburg to Memphis

800 miles
2 states

Yesterday was a much better day of travel. We got on the road for good by 8:15 and didn’t have any traffic or weather snafus. In fact, we saw very little of anything besides mountains and 18 wheelers. We popped off I81 in Blacksburg to see Virginia Tech; I have a dear friend who went there and Suzanne had never seen it. We spent the rest of the day on 81 and 40 with a quick stop in Nashville for Martin’s BBQ. By the time we arrived in Memphis, we didn’t even care that our hotel was filthy.

The bonus of changing to Central Time was that 5 am wasn’t too bad. I was nervous that it wouldn’t be safe enough to run but was happy to find that it was much nicer by daylight. I ran down to the Shelby Farms Greenline which is absolutely beautiful. Flat, cool and empty enough to do a workout on without being creepy. I did 5 by mile at tempo pace and although my back was killing me, the workout was a success. I’m starting to think Vermont isn’t that cool of a place to be in the summer; both of my morning runs have been lovely in the South with manageable heat and humidity.

Today we’re rolling through Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas with a final destination of Amarillo. Driving over the Mississippi today was a great way to kick off the morning so we have high hopes for Day 3.





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