Running Road Trip 2014

We've been doing selfies since way before they were cool.

We’ve been doing selfies since way before they were cool.

You’ve all met my sister Suzanne here before. She’s my much funner, much younger (although people always think she’s older) sister and we’re heading out next week on a grand adventure across the United States. Suzanne is moving to sunny San Diego from Boston and recruited me to come along for the adventure. We’re looking forward to odd rest stops, regional fast food and seeing parts of the country we’ve never seen before.

20 something years of making these faces at each other

20 something years of making these faces at each other

I’m also looking forward to running in different parts of the country. When you run 70 to 80 miles a week, things can get a little stale. You know you’re a runner when you recognize that someone has trimmed their hedges or planted new flowers because you run by everyday. Thus, when Suzanne picked her departure date and our route across the country, I immediately started researching my running options. We’re staying at Marriott family hotels as we go across so there’s always a gym/treadmill option but I’m hoping to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. Because I’ll be in new, unfamiliar places, I’ll bring my phone with me and actually be able to get pictures on my runs! I learned this lesson after a run in Findlay, Ohio where I grossly misjudged a map and ended up running along the side of a highway for a while.

Day 1 Burlington to Harrisonburg VA: I’ll run before we leave and then do a shakeout run when we get to the hotel

Day 2 Harrisonburg to Memphis: Harrisonburg is home to James Madison University, so I’ll do my morning run around that campus before we shove off.

Day 3 Memphis to Amarillo: We are lucky to be staying right near the “Green Line” and a huge park set up for runners in Memphis, so I’ll do a workout here.

Day 4 Amarillo to Scottsdale: Amarillo is full of big, huge blocks, so if the weather is amenable, I’ll run some huge squares for recovery.

Day 5 Scottsdale to San Diego: Unfortunately, Scottsdale isn’t a runner’s haven, so I may be on the treadmill for this unless we decide to take a roadtrip north to Flagstaff. If we do that, I’ll be huffing and puffing at 8000 feet and loving it.

Once we get to San Diego, the running should be incredible. I’m also excited to see Abbey and get to do some of a long run with her; she was my running buddy here in Burlington until she moved out there last year and I miss her terribly. I’m guessing that long run will fly by.

Love you Suzy! So excited for your next adventure!

Love you Suzy! So excited for your next adventure!

Have you run in any of these places? How do you fit running in while traveling? Favorite regional fast food stop?

3 thoughts on “Running Road Trip 2014

  1. Dan Button

    Sounds like an absolute blast! I’ve never run in any of those places, but every place I spend at least one night in, I try to run in. You might be in for some muggy runs before you turn west, but hopefully the new scenery will make up for it.


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