Week In Review: 7.14.14 to 7.20.14

This week was an example of how you just have to be flexible sometimes and remember that your legs don’t know that it’s Monday or Tuesday or Thursday. We had an unexpected number of guests this week for various reasons and it meant that our house was a crazy, upside-down circus for much of the weekend. It’s also the last week of the class I’ve been TAing this summer, so I spent a huge amount of time preparing them for that. Hoping for a slightly less crazy week this week!

Monday: 6 mile recovery run with 4 flying 150s. Chest and Back lift afterward.

Tuesday: 10.4 mile run with LT.

Wednesday: Off day, prorated at 10.4 miles. Hadn’t had one in 13 days, so it was time.

Thursday: 8 by 800 at I pace. Not my most focused workout but tried to tell myself “just 2 laps” when I’d come around on my recovery lap. Lifted legs heavy after. Pretty darn tired. Total of 10.4 miles plus the run home from the gym.

Friday: 8.5 mile recovery run and arms at the gym.

Saturday: 8 mile run. Wish I’d had more time but had to TA for most of the day. Psyched to get up early and get this in.

Sunday: 9.2 miles. Glad I didn’t force my long run. Hot weather + Brewfest + crazy house + TAing all weekend = totally dead legs.

Total: 63 miles

I didn’t get a long run in this week, which is frustrating, but I’ll do it this afternoon (also frustrating but I have to proctor all day) and hope the heat doesn’t ruin me too much. I did lift three times, which is more than I’ve done in a while, so I’m glad to be getting back on track with that. Hoping for 80 to 90 minute runs this week on normal days, 90 to 100 minute workouts and a solid long run, probably on Friday, before the Cougar Chase on Saturday and our departure for San Diego on Sunday.

How was your week of training? How do you deal with unexpected schedule glitches?

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