Week in Review 7.21 to 7.27

We started our road trip today! As such, all of these posts will be on my phone for the week so please excuse any funky formatting.

It was a solid week of training and a nice confidence boost to start off Phase 3. I’m looking forward to my adaptation week and to doing runs all across the country this week. I’m also looking forward to hotel gyms; for some reason, I love lifting in hotels.

Monday: 15.5 mile tempo run. 2 by 20 minutes at T pace. Since it was 86, I did this with a HR monitor on and kept my heart at 170. First 20 was 6:53 pace, second 20 was 6:43. Given the heat, I’m happy with this.

Tuesday: 8 mile recovery run.

Wednesday am: 9 miles easy.

Wednesday pm: 5.5 miles easy.

Thursday: 18 mile long run. No workout, just long run for time. Pretty tired by the end of this.

Friday: 7.5 mile recovery run.

Saturday: 16 by 400 with 1:1 recovery. Total of 10.5 miles. So nice to have Will pacing me! Quads over this week by the last rep.

Sunday am: 5 miles at the crack of dawn.

Sunday pm: 3 miles on the hotel treadmill in Virginia.

Total Miles: 82 and change.

Looks like marathon training…


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