Week in Review 7.7.14 to 7.13.14

NOW it feels like marathon training! Solid week with solid miles and workouts.

Monday: Pretty wiped out from my long run. 8.25 recovery miles.

Tuesday: Still feeling wiped and it was about 100% humidity out, so l just did a regular run of 9.4 miles while LT did her workout.

Wednesday: Keeping my workout train rolling! Hot day but headed out for 3 by 2 miles at tempo pace and nailed it. Total of 10.4 miles.

Thursday: Crunched on time and needed to let the dogs spend some time out of their crates so I hit the spin bike for 45 minutes, prorated 5 miles.

Friday: Recovery 10. Miserably hot. Gotta stop doing my runs at 3 pm.

Saturday: Easy 10. Still hot but new shoes feel great!

Sunday: BAM! 20 miles with 6 miles at marathon pace in the middle (at my current VDOT, that’s 6:57 pace). Felt totally doable. Really psyched to have this done.

Total Miles: 73 miles

I did a lot better on core, stretching and foam rolling this week because we finally got our gym set up. Still need to work on getting over to the UVM gym or MMU more for real lifting. Aiming for about 80 this week so I’ll add in a couple doubles to make that happen.

How was your week of training? Get any great workouts in? Anyone else get new shoes?


8 thoughts on “Week in Review 7.7.14 to 7.13.14

  1. Pure Michigan Runner

    Hi there! I saw that you suffered from CECS. I suspect that it’s what I’m currently dealing with and have been dealing with for the past 6 weeks, although I don’t get have a diagnosis. Mind if I ask you a few questions?

      1. Pure Michigan Runner

        OK, thank you! My symptoms, which started on a trail run back in early June, include tightness/cramping in my right calf. The symptoms are fairly mild, and don’t usually start until 2-3 miles into a run. The pain is maybe 2-3 on a 10-point scale, and it’s certainly something I can run through especially if I alter my stride. It doesn’t happen on every run (maybe 70% of runs), and it usually goes away shortly after the run is over and I never feel it the next day. I think that rules out a calf strain or tear because that would be felt constantly, and I can bike, do yoga and do calf raises with no problems. I’m trying to get in to see an ortho, but I’m having trouble finding someone who does the CECS test.
        I’ve been running for many years and didn’t drastically increase distance before this happened, so it’s a bit of a mystery.
        If it is CS, I want to avoid surgery at all costs. I had elective surgery on my knee in 2007 and it ended up causing more problems than it was worth. What conservative measures did you try to heal your CS, did you run during that time, and did it make any difference at all? Most of what I’m reading is that CS cannot be cleared up without surgery if the runner wants to return to a high level of activity.

        1. runnerunderpressure

          I’m so sorry to hear all of this. The thing I remember most from the time before I got diagnosed with CS was a lot of time in my head thinking “am I crazy and making this up?!” because the symptoms are just so hard to pin down. From the almost-physician standpoint where I stand now (and of course medical information from a medical student on a blog is just information, not intended to treat etc), there is no treatment to CS besides surgery for someone who wants to continue to run. I tried conservative treatment in the form of reduced mileage but by the end, I was having pain and symptoms while walking and although I was willing (ok, not willing, but could have contemplated) to give up running, giving up the ability to walk pain free wasn’t for me. Posting two posts of mine that do a decent job of chronicalling my personal experience. If you start with starting over, you’ll get a pretty good view of what immediate post-surgery/return to running life was like. For Holly is a later post written in response to a question similar to yours.



          Good luck and post/send any questions you have!

  2. Pure Michigan Runner

    I can’t thank you enough for your response. I got an appointment with a sports medicine doctor this week, so we’ll see how that goes. One quick question: when you say you reduced your mileage to try to heal, what did you reduce it to (or what percentage did you cut?) I know everyone is different; I’m much slower than you, and I typically only run 25 mpw on average. However, in the past, I’ve successfully been able to improve my 5K, 10K AND half-marathon times on even less mileage than that, with lots of cross-training thrown in. It was only about a year ago when I discovered that I could run 2-3 days in a row without injury that I increased my mileage to 20+.

    1. runnerunderpressure

      Thinking back, I took a few weeks off from running completely (put my bike on a trainer and watched NCIS) and then came back to about 75% of what was normal for me then. That worked, but only temporarily. By the time I got to surgery, my foot was numb sitting and I couldn’t find any activity that didn’t cause my symptoms. I wish I had better long term news, but in all my research (which I’ve kept up with because I hope to use my doctor powers to learn more about CS) true CS is treated with one thing: surgery. Bane of active women with muscles bigger than their bodies anticipated I suppose…Let me know what the doc says!


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