Good Eats: Allergy Friendly French Toast and Praline French Toast

I don’t talk about my food allergies often, because allergies are boring and people who constantly dwell on their food allergies are obnoxious. Is it a pain to have to check ingredients and carry an epi-pen? Sure. But there are many other medical conditions that are far more challenging to live with. Also my gluten-free friends, a crouton on your salad will not give you an anaphylactic reaction. It just won’t. It’s science.

Anyway, among my allergies is milk which is the world’s easiest allergy to deal with. In my hunt for delicious breakfast and brunch foods, I started looking for ways to have French Toast without a day long stomach ache and stumbled upon Silk French Toast. My non-dairy milk of choice is Blue Diamond Unsweetened Almond Coconut Milk but I found myself with a half gallon of regular Silk Vanilla so I gave the French Toast a try.

Simple ingredients: faux milk, stale bread and some cinnamon.

Simple ingredients: faux milk, stale bread and some cinnamon.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that it tasted exactly like “regular” french toast and I had no complaints from my dairy loving housemates.

Other Substitutions:

If you can’t do gluten, sub in your favorite GF bread (Udi’s seems to work the best).

If you can’t do eggs, Food Allergy Mama has a recipe that uses honey instead. (Also tons of allergy free recipes).

Assembly line

Assembly line

Caution: Makes WAY more than 6 pieces.

Caution: Makes WAY more than 6 pieces.

Now that I’ve mastered the basic recipe, my next experiment is to make different varieties of delicious. On my list to try are:

  • Bahamas French Toast: Almond Coconut Milk and Lime Zest
  • Harvest French Toast: Vanilla Soy Milk and Pumpkin Pie Spice
  • Chocolate Almond: Chocolate Soy Milk with Almond Extract

I have another brunch classic that I love to make for entertaining, also in the French Toast Family: Overnight Praline French Toast. Any milk replacement will work in place of the 2% milk but I’ve had my best results with Soy.

What’s your breakfast carb of choice? Anyone know how to make stuffed French Toast without making a huge mess?! If you have food allergies, how do you manage your substitutions?


7 thoughts on “Good Eats: Allergy Friendly French Toast and Praline French Toast

  1. MILF Runner

    Food allergies and sensitivities are my jam. I live on dew and universe juice…it’s called the Dragon Warrior Diet and I learned about it on Kung Fu Panda. But really…dairy, gluten, egg, potato, and fish. Also, some weird malfunction of my ileocecal valve has totally messed up my intestinal flora and all starchy carbs are fucking with my system now 🙁 I can’t even eat your awesome-sounding french toast 🙁


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