Week in Review: 7.28.14 to 8.3.14

This one will be brief, since most of my runs were on my daily road trip posts. All in all, it was a solid adaptation week with a good workout in Memphis and nice easy mileage in San Diego. It’s been unusually humid here (92%) and even rained yesterday. The terrain is dead flat, however, making it a great place to prep for the flat Albany course.

Monday: 7.5 miles in Harrisonburg, VA.

Tuesday: 5 by 1 mile at faster T pace in Memphis, TN for a total of 9.8 miles.

Wednesday: Scheduled off day, prorated at 7.6 miles. Full body lift and 10 minute jog.

Thursday: Unplanned off day, due to the breakdown of our car AC in the Arizona desert.

Friday: Amazing run in Coronado. 10.4 miles that were the fastest “easy” miles I’ve run since before Philly.

Saturday: Feeling the travel, time change and humidity today. Slogged through 9.2.

Sunday: Long run, slogging a bit again due to humidity. Decided not to do the workout because my legs were dead and got a solid long run in instead. 15 miles, due to my strict instructions not to run more than 2 hours. Hip core afterward.

Mileage Total: 60 miles. Perfect adaptation week before I go back up to 80 for next week!

July Mileage Total: 296 miles, up 30 from June. Hoping to break 300 for August.

Tomorrow is my last day in California before I pop on the Monday night red eye home to Burlington. I’ve had a blast on our trip and really enjoyed seeing a whole chunk of the country that I’ve never seen but am also ready to get home to Will, the dogs and our little yellow house.


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