Week in Review 8.11.14 to 8.17.14

Late getting this out because we were up at Derby House this weekend! The team is still there through Wednesday but I had to leave paradise to come back to start my second year. Sigh. The next two weeks is Orthopedics, however, so I’m at least inherently interested in the topic.

I had another solid week of training and feel like I clicked up another level in fitness. This coming week is an adaptation week even though I’ve only had two weeks of “up” mileage because I need to make sure my “final” taper is perfect. Ah! It’s amazing to be talking about taper already…

Monday: 9.6 miles easy

Tuesday: Shake It Out Fartlek for a total of 10.1 miles.

Wednesday: Scheduled off day, prorated 9.5 miles.

Thursday: 10.8 mile recovery run.

Friday: 20.4 mile long run.

Saturday: 7.5 mile hill work with the team. 8 reps at varying paces, two of which were soul crushing to try to beat the boys.

Sunday AM: 7.2 mile easy run with the girls.

Sunday PM: 3 mile run.

Total Miles: 78 miles

My biggest anxiety for this week is remembering how to balance school, running, coaching and family. An adaptation week will help, as will my team being gone (sob) until Friday.


9 thoughts on “Week in Review 8.11.14 to 8.17.14

  1. Ryan

    In your weekly recaps I’ve noticed you have a lot “rest day, prorated at X miles”. What exactly does that mean? You just didn’t feel like taking the day off and did some miles?
    At the mileage you put in I am scared to think about what you spend on sneakers. I hate dropping $100+ every 3ish months on sneakers. You must be doing that at least monthly.

    1. runnerunderpressure

      Ryan: I take two rest days a month but I prorate them into my mileage for the week so that my day to day volume for that week is correct. If it’s an 80 mile week, my normal runs are about 9.5 miles (workouts are longer), so I give “credit” for that for the rest day and divide up the rest of the week like those miles were run.

    2. runnerunderpressure

      As for sneakers, I go through a pair about every 6 weeks. Right now, my pair of choice (Kinvara 4) is on 6pm.com so I can get a pair for about $45. When they go away, I’m back to the discount at my local running store!

  2. Sara

    Very impressive training. I’m new to Vermont and am wondering what team you are referring to (i.e. who you did your hill workout with)?

  3. A.R.

    So why not just say “68 miles in 6 days?” Isn’t it just a way of bolstering your mileage totals so you can look more impressive on your blog?

    1. runnerunderpressure

      Actually it’s a common method of making sure your daily volume is correct, which is what matters physiologically. In a full volume week, I run 10.2 miles a day. In an adaptation week, I run 8.3. When I prorate an off day, I need to know how to distribute the miles. Interesting that you only used initials. Care to actually own your snarky comment?


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