Week in Review 8.18.14 to 8.24.14

This was just one of those weeks where I did not feel like a runner. In fact, I felt a lot more like this baby horse trying to stand up every time I tried to walk.

Monday: 9.35 mile run. Tried to do my workout and it just wasn’t going to happen.

Tuesday: 8 mile run plus lifted arms.

Wednesday AM: 1.5 miles with the Girls for the Relay.

Wednesday PM: 7.4 miles with some shakeout strides.

Thursday: 9.55 miles with 7 by 5 minutes at T pace. Still felt clunky and awkward. Lifted legs afterward.

Friday: 8 mile recovery run out in Underhill.

Saturday: 4.5 mile easy run just to move, out of miles for the week!

Sunday: 17 mile long run in the heat with 20 minutes at T pace. Felt horrible from the start so just glad to get through it.

Total Miles: 65.3

Arm Lift, Leg Lift

Plank Set every night.

I’m hoping that this funky week passes and my legs feel better through this week. I’m hoping for a Wednesday workout which gives me plenty of time to recover before my race on Sunday even in the midst of an 80 mile week.

How was your week of training? Anyone else have the mid-cycle blues?


2 thoughts on “Week in Review 8.18.14 to 8.24.14

  1. Ryan

    I seem to be having the anti-mid-cycle blues at this point. Most runs are good runs, and when the occasional bad run does happen I have been able to shake it off, remember the several good runs that preceded it, and move on. I attribute this to running more than I ever have in the past. Put the effort in, do something a lot and you get better at it, what a concept. I am still a little nervous about the 19 miler coming up this weekend, but I am focusing on the shorter weekday runs and I’ll be ready for the 19 when it is time.

    1. runnerunderpressure

      That’s awesome! This cycle has been so up and down for me; weeks are either effortless or a drudge-fest. Good luck on the 19 miler this weekend! Break it into little chunks and it will fly by.


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