Week in Review 9.1.14 to 9.7.14

Just when I think I have the hang of balancing medical school, coaching and running:

No Words CRR

Monday: 9.3 Recovery

Tuesday: 9 miles.

Wednesday: 11 miles with 2 by 20 at T pace with 5 miles in between. Hot and hill but kept my heart at 170.

Thursday: 9.7 recovery.

Friday: 10.3 miles with 4 striders at the end.

Saturday am: 5 miles. Coaching snafu.

Saturday pm: 5 miles, trying to finish the week up.

Sunday: 20.5 miles and nailed my nutrition! Root Beer Gu is amazing.

Total Mileage: 80 miles.

This week was just plain overwhelming schedule-wise. I survived, my team is still intact (and ran incredibly well on Saturday) and I think I’m still enrolled in medical school. 5 more weeks to go!


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