Week in Review 9.8.14 to 9.14.14

The madness continues in cardiology but I’m loving this unit so I didn’t mind the schedule this week. We were off this week from races which made coaching duties far easier. We also clicked by the “1 month to go” mark, which means that I’m heading towards taper. I’m always happy/sad for taper to arrive. On the one hand, the mileage is easier and my legs don’t hurt as much. On the other hand, taper means all the hay is in the barn and there’s nothing else I can do to change my fate on race day.

Monday: Off Day, prorated at 10.3 miles. One of the longest days I’ve had in medical school and the only birthday in recent history that I haven’t run!

Tuesday: 11.3 recovery miles with 4 strides.

Wednesday Noon: Tempo run. Warmup, 5 by mile at T pace, Cooldown for 9 miles.

Wednesday Afternoon: More tempo work with the team. 10 by 400 at 91 to 93. Total of 6 miles.

Thursday: 7 painful recovery miles. Right IT band and hamstring totally locked up.

Friday: 10.2 miles through the Intervale. 2 laps of stride the straights, jog the curves.

Saturday: 10 miles on Tarbox.

Sunday: 16 miles with 11 at MP, which was about 6:35 pace today according to Garmin. It was reading 6:20 in the open areas which Will thought seemed realistic. Regardless, glad to get that in since a chest cold is settling in today.

I did not do a good job of lifting this week; have to find some time next week to at least get basic work in. I’m also racing the Downtown 10K next Sunday and hoping to break my streak of being 4th and actually land on the podium.

How was your week? Did Fall finally arrive where you are? What races are coming up for you?

3 thoughts on “Week in Review 9.8.14 to 9.14.14

  1. Ryan

    It is nice to have fall like temps for running, although I am not enjoying the later sunrises. It took a while to adjust to early AM runs, but now that I am very comfortable with running early I have to deal with a headlamp, taillight, vest, etc…
    I have Ragnar ADK coming up next weekend (definitely not a race, more of a fun long social running event) and the Cape Cod Marathon at the end of October. Having every single person tell me how tough the last half of that marathon is is doing wonders for my pre-race anxiety levels.
    With the amount of mileage you put in it is impressive you find any time or energy for strength training. I decided to cut way back on strength training in order to focus on running and to lose 10ish pounds before the marathon.

    1. runnerunderpressure

      Running the dark adds so many accessories and then it gets cold…I have other friends running Ragnar this weekend too so I’m hoping for good temps for you all.

      Don’t let people psych you out. The second half of my first marathon was no different than my first, only I was happier because I was more than half done.


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