Week in Review 10.20.14 to 10.26.14

It’s rough trying to get back into the swing of things after a big race, even when you have another race just ahead. It’s even rougher when you get an atrocious cold the day you are ready to start doing workouts again. I spent Tuesday through Friday down for the count with a head cold which proceeded to a chest cold and racking cough over the weekend. I’m still running easy but wasn’t able to get a workout in last week unfortunately.

Monday: 2.5 Miles

Tuesday: 2.5 Miles and full body lift.

Wednesday: Warmup, 1.5 miles of 200 meter ins and outs, cooldown. Total of 6.3 miles. Felt pretty good to shake it out but quads are definitely still tender.

Thursday: 6.3 mile run.

Friday: 2 mile run.

Saturday: 4 miles at the State Meet.

Sunday: 12 mile long run. Feeling almost normal.

Total Miles: 35.5

Thanks to my high mileage earlier in the cycle, I don’t have to worry too much about endurance between now and Vegas (20 days!) Instead, I’ll be focusing on getting back into some tempo runs and getting my speed sharpened up.

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