Weeks in Review: 10.6.14 to 10.12.14

10/6/14 to 10/12/14

One of the calmest, oddest taper weeks of my life. School and coaching were busy and we had a lot of stuff going on in trying to get our house set up again. By the time Saturday arrived, I hadn’t even finalized my outfit or fueling plan.

Monday: 4.7 miles early morning with Katie. Had to wear half tights!

Tuesday: 4.6 miles with striders in the last mile.

Wednesday: 2 miles at T pace (6:14, 6:08) and a mile of 200 ins and outs. Cold and windy but felt good when I got into a groove. 6 miles total.

Thursday: Off day.

Friday: 3.5 mile run with striders.

Saturday: 3.5 mile run with striders.

Sunday: 26.2 in 2:54:39. Race Report here.

10/13/14 to 10/19/14

Easy. No running! Monday and Tuesday were pretty sore days, so I just foam rolled and tried to be easy on my legs. I took a short walk with the dog on Friday and jogged a little at the race yesterday. My legs feel ok when I’m walking but were still made of concrete when I jogged yesterday, so I’m giving it a full week before I get back into training for Vegas.

In even more exciting news, it’s States Week!! This team has put in an enormous amount of work this year and started their peaking work last week. This week, we’ll hit full peak and get them ready to crush the State Meet next Saturday. I continue to be impressed with their grit and determination and I’m excited to see what they do next week.

3 thoughts on “Weeks in Review: 10.6.14 to 10.12.14

  1. Dan Button

    Inspiring me to post a training update with your review, thanks! I have to say that the coaching has made me more excited to hit my own goals as I’m getting so pumped for the kids to race their big races coming up. Never thought it’d really impact my running, but it’s just so rewarding. Best wishes for staying sane while resting!

      1. Dan Button

        After only a few months of it, I am inclined to agree! I’m hitting the most mileage I ever have week to week and I haven’t even been following a specific plan, which usually means I have little motivation. But knowing that I will often be sharing my own training examples and doing workouts with the kids keeps me grinding away to make sure I’m putting my work where my words are. Not to mention all the positive mental boosts from helping others with their training.


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