I’m Going Streaking!

No worries, I’ll be wearing tights (unless we get another bizarre 65 degree day, then it’ll be shorts). This year, I’m going to take part in the #RWRunStreak. The rules are easy: you run at least a mile a day from Thanksgiving to New Years. Why am I in?

1. Transition to Winter. Despite the temps today, winter is coming and fast. Committing to a mile a day as we get into the depths of winter will help me get over the cold and get into a routine.

2. Something to do between seasons. I haven’t planned 2015 and don’t plan to finalize it for another week or two and won’t start training heavily until after New Years. A running streak gives me a little something to cling onto for a goal.

3. A reminder to be grateful for every mile. Last year at this time, I was getting ready for surgery and not able to run comfortably at all. This year, I feel pretty good! I need to remember that when I’m grumpy about getting out the door.

4. Cookie Math. Enough said. Also makes me enormously sad that old post references the good old days where peanuts didn’t try to kill me.

Who’s with me? Anyone done a running streak before?

2 thoughts on “I’m Going Streaking!

  1. Dan Button

    I like cookie math, but I’m a bigger fan of pie math! I’ve done the rw run streak before, but with my race season not ending until the 13th I think I’m gonna take some time off after that. Great points on it though!

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