The Most Monday of Mondays

Monday is always rough, but the Mondays that fall after holidays are especially horrid. To ease the pain, here are some of the articles and news clippings that I’ve been reading recently as I take my season break and think about ways to improve for my next cycle.

An AWESOME foam rolling routine from Runner Marci that is quick, efficient and accurate. If you aren’t foam rolling, I found your improvement for 2015.

I’m looking to do a stint at altitude this coming spring (if anyone has a space…) and have been doing a lot of research into the best place to get high and still have lots of running resources. I probably won’t end up in one of these towns because they are no real secret and extremely expensive, but one of these states is a good bet.

Ever the reinventor, Nick Symmonds has launched RunGum, a product intended to give a touch of caffeine without as much stomach upset. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but will do a product review soon as caffeine is basically a food group for me.

Interesting article on running weight in Zelle, Runner’s World’s new site targeted towards women. It’s particularly interesting given that sister site Running Times just ran a feature article on how weight and being lighter is critical to performance. The lighter is better argument has gone on for years and apparently, we’re not near the end of it.

One thing I know I need continued work on in 2015 is foot and ankle strength and I’ll be using this routine as part of that process.

Finally, I came across this article that made me downright livid. The author is allegedly one of the “foremost running experts in America” but his conclusion that strength training is unnecessary and even detrimental to everyone but the most elite is wrong and borderline irresponsible. Runners don’t need to powerlift but everyone benefits from regular strength training. Strength training maintains form when the body tires at the end of a run or race, which prevents injury. It builds strong bones (absolutely critical for women) and wards off stress fractures. Done regularly and when combined with cardio work, it creates lean, strong bodies that work efficiently.

Happy Monday! This too shall pass…

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