Week in Review: 12.15.14 to 12.21.14

Winter running is in full effect, including stutter step runs across ice and so many layers that one looks a bit like the kid in the Christmas Story.

Monday: 6.8 miles.

Tuesday: Workout! Ran to gym then 2 by 10 minutes on the treadmill at 170 bpm (T Pace) which turned out to be 6:40 pace. A little slower than in cycle but that’s to be expected. Lifted arms after.

Wednesday: Cross training, skied with the team.

Thursday: 4.25 mile recovery run plus hour ski with the team afterward.

Friday: 7 mile run. Legs wiped from a week of doubling.

Saturday: Hour of skiing at Sleepy then with Will. Scar and FHL bugging me.

Sunday: 9 mile run.

Total: 33.4 miles of running, 4 hours of skiing.

Happy to get some longer runs in this week and my first workout back. My foot is struggling with skiing right now (just hasn’t had to push off like that in a year), but hoping some stretching and scar cross friction will help resolve that. Looking forward to a week with a less insane schedule so that I can keep getting longer runs in.

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