Week in Review 12.22.14 to 12.28.14

The odd weather continues, with almost a week of springlike running that melted literally all of the two feet of snow we got last week. Since we’re scheduled to cool off tomorrow, it’s a blessing that the snow melted and won’t turn into a glare of ice but it’s still odd to have 40 degree temps at the end of December.

Monday: 6 mile golf course run with striders in the last mile.

Tuesday: 5 mile fartlek workout. 2 by 5 at T pace, 2 by 2 at T+ and 2 by 1 at I pace. Ran out of my inhaler so a little wheezy but a good workout regardless. Lifted legs afterward.

Wednesday: 4.25 mile run in the rain. Miserable weather!

Thursday: 9.1 mile run around the Fort. Lifted arms at home.

Friday: 4 mile fartlek dog run. New glute routine afterward.

Saturday: 4 mile run between studying and the wedding. Legs pretty tired from the glute work on Friday.

Sunday: 10 mile long run with Will. Arms afterward.

Total: 42.4 miles

Almost a legitimate week of running! I’m really happy with getting in that much lifting and starting up small workouts again. I’m still debating what I want 2015 to look like but I’m starting to move out of maintenance phase into basebuilding and feel really strong and almost mentally ready to grind out workouts again. Somehow I got roped into running a 5K on New Year’s Day, so look forward to the glorious recap of a race distance I haven’t trained for in 8 years on top of red wine.

How was your holiday week of running? Anyone else running a race on New Years Day?

3 thoughts on “Week in Review 12.22.14 to 12.28.14

  1. foxrunsfast

    Solid week! Great work on the lifting routine. I’m impressed at your ability to do that at home. Being at the gym makes me much more motivated to get it done – hence the path to get my Body Pump instructor certification. It’s a sneaky way to trick myself into ensuring I continue with the strength work! (Since that’s usually the first to go when my life gets busy and/or my running schedule ramps up)

    1. runnerunderpressure

      In a vacuum, I’d much prefer to go the BodyPump route but there just aren’t a lot of gyms around here that offer it without insanely expensive memberships and that would be the only reason to have the membership. My trick for getting it in? Rotate days (arms-legs-abs-arms-legs-abs-off) and head directly into the basement when I get back from my run.


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