Getting Back on the Horse

Tis the season for many new and revived runners and I love it! If being a running evangelical were a career, I’d be set. Running is for everyone and it’s fantastic that it gets included in so many New Year’s resolutions. If you’re starting running for the first time or the 50th time this week, welcome! Take it slow, expect a little discomfort and know that in the near future, these tough first days will be just a memory.

For those coming back to running, there’s some great news coming from the research world that you aren’t starting from zero. Researchers found that once you’ve been a runner, your muscles and the organelles within them never forget that. They may be a little rusty but the framework is still there and you will get back in shape faster than your never-run peers. If you were feeling a little anxious about heading back out there, grab those shoes and feel confident that your muscles know what they’re doing.

Anyone reading coming back to running? How about brand new runners? For the veterans, how do you approach a return to running after a layoff or break?

2 thoughts on “Getting Back on the Horse

  1. amber

    I’m just getting back after an injury that has sidelined me for 9+ month; scary, but exciting to slowly running again. Wow has my prospective changed; last year I was thinking for Boston and now a mile run seems like an accomplishment.


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