Week in Review: 1/12/15 to 1/18/15

This week was all about making like Elsa and letting it go. I had hoped for a 53 mile week and ended up with only 36 and 3 consecutive days off. My schedule was crazier than usual this week and a Friday night wedding in New York City with 13 hours of driving in 24 hours meant that running got pushed to the back burner. So I’m calling it a cutback week and moving on!

Monday: 8 mile run with 6 by 90 seconds hard on the UVM bike path uphill. 90 seconds was exactly 400 meters, so I’m thrilled to be moving that well uphill and in snow. Legs after. Hiked up Cochran’s a bunch of times in the afternoon for the race.

Tuesday: 5 mile recovery run.

Wednesday: 9 mile midweek longer run. Skied with the team for 45 minutes after.

Thursday: Skied with the team for an hour.

Friday: Lifted arms and legs before we left for New York at 7 am.

Saturday: Nada.

Sunday: 14.25 mile long run with LT, Amy, Ryan, Erin and Laurel. Besides some major GI issues halfway through, I felt great. Probably the three days off…

Total Miles: 36.32

2 legs, 1 arms and lots of skiing this week.

Storm coming in tonight means I’ll likely be inside for my workout tomorrow. Might head to the track with my spikes to work on speed and hoping for two workouts this week. It seems like I need to get up earlier (ugh) and just get my run in before cases or I find myself dealing with too much test anxiety by the end of the day.

How do you make sure you get your runs in? Get up early? Push dinnertime? Treadmill at home?

2 thoughts on “Week in Review: 1/12/15 to 1/18/15

  1. foxrunsfast

    I’m (unfortunately) in the early morning running camp. But I frame it as “I do BEST when I get up early (no matter how early it is) and get it done.” I have a lot more patience for everyone if I’m not stressing in the back of my mind how I’m going to fit my run in later in the day. 🙂 Hope your inside workout goes well today! Do you find your are more tired for your workouts with the addition of all the skiing? Or does your body just adjust?

    1. runnerunderpressure

      Love that affirmation and I’m similar; worrying about WHEN I’m going to get my run in is really stressful for me. Skiing doesn’t bother me too much unless I’ve really gotten after it with the team. Usually I am just doing level 1 or 2 (HR in 120s) so it’s not super taxing. Occasionally I’ll have some muscle soreness after a heavy climbing day but it doesn’t really bother my running.


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