Week in Review: 1/5/15 to 1/11/15

Despite an arctic blast that had us at -11 F (and -35 F “feels like”) and a cold that made me (and everyone around me) miserable, it was a great week of running!

Monday am: Super early 5.1 miler plus striders before case discussion at 7:30. Arms afterward.

Monday pm: Had a lot of reading in a review book to do, so did an hour on the bike to change it up.

Tuesday: Warmed up for my workout and realized I was much sicker than realized. Called it after 3 miles total.

Wednesday: 8 miles easy plus legs.

Thursday: Skied with the team for a bit then 5 miles indoors plus striders. Arms afterward.

Friday: One of the best workouts I’ve had in a long time! 8 miles total with warmup, then 2 by 10 at T pace and 5 minutes of cutdown plus cooldown. Legs afterward.

Saturday: 12.8 mile long run in the wind and cold on Spear Street. So grateful to have Amy, Ryan and Laurel with me!

Sunday: 6.1 mile eassssssy pace run around St. Mikes. Striders after.

Total Miles: 48

Arms: 2 times

Legs: 2 times

Striders: 3 times

I’m really thrilled with the way this week panned out, especially given my cold. I’m still totally stuffed up but feeling a lot better than I was midweek. I got my miles up another click, had a very solid workout on Friday and most importantly, did a good job of getting the extras in. I’m finding that if I go directly downstairs after my run or finish my run at the gym, I’m much better about getting lifting in. For this coming week, I’ll keep inching mileage up, hope to get two workouts in and add drills before those workouts.

How was your week?

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