Week in Review: 1.26.15 to 2.1.15

January is over?! Does that mean the frigid cold is over too? Looking ahead to another winter storm advisory (and another 6 to 8 inches of snow), it seems that winter is nowhere near wrapped up. I love the snow but I’d also love to get out of the single digits and back to running outside.

Monday: 80 minutes of classic skiing at the Range including a whole lap all by myself! Most of the team went back country so I took a small group to do focused technique. Just awesome.

Tuesday: Blizzard workout creativity. Warmed (ish) up to the gym then 30 minutes of 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy and a cooldown for 8.6 miles. Legs afterward.

Wednesday: 3.25 mile recovery run and an hour of skiing (mostly games) with the team. Legs wiped but might be more from soft snow than anything.

Thursday: Skied up the back of Mansfield and then since it was beautiful out, got a 5.25 mile run done when I got home. Legs tired but knew the cold snap was coming. 4 striders at the end.

Friday: Snuck 7.1 in before the mock boards.

Saturday: 8.5 mile threshold run on the treadmill. Legs and abs after.

Sunday: Mentally defeated by being indoors!! Was hoping for 90 minutes but literally couldn’t make myself do any more than 60. Arms after.

Weekly Total: 40.0 (on the dot) plus 4 ish hours of skiing.

2 legs, 1 arms.

Total for January: 185 miles.

Did my best to get a little running in every day this week. The temperatures are killing me (I really can’t keep my hands warm below 5) so I’m hoping we warm up a tad soon. Our Board Prep class has wrapped and now I only have coaching on the calendar, so I should have a little more flexibility to run. My general plan is to get my run done early so I have a nice chunk of the day to study before heading to practice.

2 thoughts on “Week in Review: 1.26.15 to 2.1.15

  1. Ryan

    I know what you mean about wanting to run outside. Today will be my 6th consecutive treadmill run. I am really tired of staring at my washing machine and the basement wall. Does running on a treadmill as opposed to outside have any impact on shoe lifespan? Since the treadmill is a softer less abrasive surface would 100 treadmill miles be equal to 75 (or some other number lower than 100) road miles, or is a mile a mile? The fact I have been wondering about that is a clear indicator I have spent too much time on the treadmill lately.

    1. Runner Under Pressure Post author

      I’ve never thought about the shoe wear/treadmill question, primarily because I rarely run on the treadmill (except this winter). I would think that if there is a difference, however, the treadmill would be less hard on shoes than outside. Probably not a huge difference, though. Pounding is pounding for the most part.


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