Week in Review 2.9.15 to 2.15.15

Warning! Gross picture below for the particularly squeamish.

Highs of this week? Got two surprisingly good workouts in and a lot of solid skiing. Lows? Fricken freezing here (wayyyy below zero twice) and an allergic reaction that derailed an otherwise decent week.

Monday midday: Warmed up to the gym in another storm then did 25 minutes at T pace on the treadmill that just felt effortless. 8 miles total.

Monday afternoon: Hour of skate skiing with the team in epic conditions.

Tuesday: 4.5 mile recovery run nice and easy. Skied a little with the kids (maybe 3K) before coaching.

Wednesday midday: Another surprisingly good workout. Took advantage of sunshine and decent temps to head down to my waterfront “track” for 8 by 400 at I pace. Footing wasn’t perfect but I made do. 8 miles total. Felt really, really good. Encouraging.

Wednesday afternoon: 45 minutes of skate skiing. Conditions changed; lots of balance work!

Thursday: 6.4 mile recovery run at Mom and Dad’s over my old hills. Roads a mess but beautiful, sunny day.

Friday: Fricken frigid. -18 when I woke up, -8 when I skied. Did an hour on the VAST trail on waxless.

Saturday: Woke up with an allergic reaction, slammed some Benedryl and carried on. Previewed the race course with the team (5K) then swapped skate skis for backcountry and skied around to coach (and try to stay warm).

Sunday: Woke up looking like this:

I didn't need to see today, right?

In case you thought I was a sugarcoating blogger, I present my face this morning.

Spent 4 hours at Urgent Care and decided a 90 minute steady state run wasn’t a great idea. It never got above zero here today and wind chills were -35. Got some Prednisone and feeling much better, so I’ll aim to get that run in first thing tomorrow.

Total Miles: 27

Total Skiing: 4+ hours

Lots of mini-weight workouts on study breaks.

Although I’m frustrated with how the week ended up, I am encouraged that despite low miles and a schedule that stinks right now, I’m hanging onto my fitness. 2 more weeks of insanity then I can get back to normal running life! Maybe by then it will come above zero. What a winter! I was on the fence about Amherst but since I missed this weekend of running (and studying), I can’t afford a full day of travel next weekend. I’ve also missed long runs the last few weeks and feel like a 10 mile hard effort here is just as valuable as one in Amherst. Bummed to miss out but ultimately think it’s the right way to go. There are always more races…

This past week also marked a year to go until the Trials. Yikes! Once I get through the Boards, my big focus will be figuring out how to approach going after that standard. The big questions to answer are:

  • When to go for it (Considerations: summer weather, clinical schedule, backup plan if something goes wrong)
  • Where to go for it (Big competitive field? Low key race?)
  • Half Marathon or Full (Half is a lot faster (1:15 versus 2:43) but everything doesn’t have to go perfectly for a half marathon to go well and if it doesn’t go well, recovery and trying again is a little more feasible than after 26.2)

For the week ahead, I’ll aim for three workouts again and whatever other running and skiing falls in there:

  • 90 minute run with 45 minutes at steady state pace (10 to 15 seconds slower than tempo)
  • 5 by 5 minutes at tempo pace
  • Structured Fartlek



3 thoughts on “Week in Review 2.9.15 to 2.15.15

  1. foxrunsfast

    Two things I’m sorry about: 1) Amherst. Bummed for you that it’s not in the cards this season but think you are making the right call 2) Your poor face! That allergic reaction does NOT look fun. Are you feeling better? Do you know what caused it?

    Two things I’m excited about: 1) Hurray for hanging on to your fitness! You certainly still seem speedy to me and it sounds like the cross training you’ve been doing by skiing is helping. 2) The road to the Trials! I’m super excited to hear about what you decide on. (P.S. – that’s a ridiculously fast half marathon time) Love how you listed some of the criteria for the decisions. Looking forward to following along as you head down that road!

    1. Runner Under Pressure Post author

      Ugh, either a lotion or face wash at my mom’s house last week. I have super sensitive skin (obviously) and only use products I know but it turns out, the lubriderm was a 24 hour version that obviously had something else in it. I’m much better today; on a lot of prednisone so my stomach is killing me but besides my skin looking seriously windburned, I can see just fine.

      I’m excited/terrified about the Trials. I thought I had all this time and now I just…don’t. That being said, there are so many women who have made the Trials well into their 40s that I’m not feeling as much time pressure. My biggest concern is that they’ll keep moving the time down. When I first started running marathons, the standard was 2:47! I think I have it in me, just have to string some good training together and commit!

      1. foxrunsfast

        Glad you can see again at least! Yikes!! Yes – I agree with you on the Trials. There are definitely lots of women who have made it well into their 40s and that is so encouraging! But I’m with you – I’m concerned they will move the time down too! I don’t know if I’ll ever be in a position to even contemplate trying to go for a OTQ time (heck, I need to break 3 hrs first!!) but it’s scary to think they might lower the time even further. But for now, you are in good shape to get your time – you’ve got the right stuff, you just need to get a solid block of training under your belt and go for it!! 🙂


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