Week in Review 2.23.15 to 3.1.15

It’s March?!? That escalated quickly…

Monday am: 10K skate ski at Catamount. Amazing conditions, despite the cold.

Monday pm: 60 minute hike in Centennial Woods with the dogs.

Tuesday: -18 again, so 8 mile progression run on the treadmill. Lifted legs after.

Wednesday: 15 minute ski at Donna’s then waxing/team meeting.

Thursday: Day 1 of the State Meet! More skiing than I’ve done in a long time; at least 20K continuous-ish and then lots of coaching Ks. Girls head into Tuesday in the lead, guys in second.

Friday: 7.2 mile easy run. Feeling pretty good.

Saturday: 90 minute easy classic ski at Sleepy. Sun!

Sunday: 4.5 mile easy run plus striders. Right IT tight from all the sitting.

Total Miles: 19.7

Total Skiing: 45 to 50K

Total Miles for February: 112 (yikes)

Knew this week wouldn’t be great so I’m grateful to have gotten as much activity as I did. Also grateful for my experience as a marathon runner; Step 1 crazy is not unlike taper crazy it turns out. I’ve eaten more Goldfish (don’t ask) and candy in the last three days than I ever do (carbo-loading?) and I’m mostly convinced that I know nothing after studying for 3 months. Doing some last minute studying today but mostly running through my exam approach, food and hydration plan (we have very limited break time).

Tuesday is the second part of the State Meet, so no expectation of running but looking forward to a long run on Wednesday and getting back on track!

One thought on “Week in Review 2.23.15 to 3.1.15

  1. foxrunsfast

    Taper (no matter what the sport or activity) is a crazy, crazy time. Glad you are getting through it seemingly okay (despite going through Goldfish)! When’s the actual exam? I’m sending you good vibes from my own (marathon-related) taper over here!!


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