Week in Review 3.2.15 to 3.8.15

Woooo a week of training that resembled training!!

Monday: Took a little test called Step 1. Snuck out for 3.5 after we got home. Surprised I didn’t accidentally run in traffic.

Tuesday: Second half of the State Meet so lots of time on my feet but no running.

Wednesday: Fartlek workout. Warmed up then 2 by (30, 60, 90 seconds) at I pace. Thrilled to find my pace around 5:00 for each segment. 8 miles total. Hour ski up to Indian Lookout afterward.

Thursday am: 6.2 mile run with Megan early morning.

Thursday pm: 3 mile recovery run with Kenzie in the afternoon.

Friday: 5.7 mile run with the dogs and Will. Icy!

Saturday: Speed workout. 6 by 200 uphill. Thrilled with this one; learning how to run hard again. Legs after.

Sunday: 10 mile long run. Bikepath is snow covered but runnable.

Total Miles: 43.6

So nice to have a race on the schedule, a training plan and some time to run! Planning to get up to 50 miles this week and hoping to get back on track with lifting at least 4 times through the week. The weather looks like it’s improving (more 30s and 40s) so I think we’ve survived most of winter.

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