Week in Review 3.23.15 to 3.29.15

This week in one picture:

3rd Year in a nutshell.

3rd Year in a nutshell.

Monday: 4.75 easy plus arms after in crazy wind.

Tuesday: 2 by (400, 300, 200) at R pace for a total of 7.5 miles. Legs after. Felt a little awkward on these but saw 4:41 pace on the watch!

Wednesday: 4.76 mile recovery run with Will. Less than impressed with the sideways rain but neither of us cared because WE PASSED OUR BOARDS! Most anxiety inducing email, maybe ever, followed by a lot of screaming and jumping around our house.

Thursday: 4.5 miles in the pouring rain. Finally gave up and started stomping through puddles which must have made me look insane.

Friday: Not the best workout given that the track still has snow on one corner so I had to jump over the rail and more shitty wind but 5 by 1K at 3:42, 3:44, 3:43, 3:43, 3:43 for a total of 8.5 miles.

Saturday: Last long run (or any run) in Burlington; 11.5 windy cold miles with Annie.

Sunday: First run in Lewiston. A little sketchy, even for me. Definitely going to be rocking the pepper spray and cell phone on any outdoor runs here. Made some friends on my run, though, so I won’t be totally friendless for the next 5 weeks. Wore my new Hokas on the run and it felt like I was running on a pillow. No breaking in needed though!


Total Miles: 47

Besides the total and utter panic that gripped me and the rest of my classmates as we all realized we’d been shoved out of a plane with only a parachute, a pretty good week of running. I anticipate that this coming week will be tricky for running, both because I need to figure out where I can run safely and figure out when running fits into my schedule. Optimally, I’d like to run in the morning but since it’s still dark then and I’ve made myself a rule to never be out after dark here, it’ll take a little trial and error.

2 thoughts on “Week in Review 3.23.15 to 3.29.15

  1. foxrunsfast

    First up, a huge CONGRATS to you and Will on passing your Boards!!! SO AWESOME. I can’t imagine the drop in your stomach you felt as you went to click on that email to open it. Yikes. SO HAPPY for you!! Decent running this week too despite the crazy weather/anxiety/new location. Are you there for a while now or just visiting? I hope you are able to find a less sketchy route soon – that’s got to be tough if you can’t train during the dark. 80-90% of my runs are in the dark!! Great week though – hope you guys are still celebrating! You deserve it!!


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