Spring 2015 Schedule

It took me some time to finalize this, both because I was just trying to survive other big events in my life and because I wasn’t sure of the trajectory of my Spring. The plan is (almost) final now, however: for the rest of the spring and early summer, the focus is on short, fast races with the hope of running a whip fast half marathon in the fall.

May 3rd Champlain Classic 5K: I usually run the 15K here, but this year I’m tackling the 5K.

May 10th Mutt Strut: Fun with Will, Tinker and Watson

June 6th Capital City Stampede: My (former) hometown 10K

June 11th Hollis Fast 5K: The USATF 5K for the year. This is tentative because I don’t know my schedule for that week and it’s a Thursday night race. I’d love to get there and set a new PR, however.

July 4th Clarence DeMar 5K: It’s always humid and always fun. Plus, the prizes are usually edible!

Now that this is sorted out, my next step is to pick a fall half marathon. The challenge is always balancing course profile, weather and competition. Part of me wants to aim for an early fall half, leaving me time for a late fall full if things look really good. The other part of me wants to be practical about my current schedule and focus on running a great half.

What races do you have planned for Spring/Summer 2015? Anyone picked a fall marathon or half yet?


4 thoughts on “Spring 2015 Schedule

  1. Ryan

    My only currently scheduled spring/summer race is Ragnar Cape Cod. I had been planning on running the VCM, but by early March the daily trudge down to the basement to get on the treadmill was starting to feel like a job and I was miserable. I had not yet registered, so I decided to back off and get back to enjoying running (preferably outside). There are some shorter races in May and June that are under consideration depending on how I feel, but the focus for now is on fun. Although getting the injured Ragnar runner email this morning (2 weeks from the start) was a bit of stressor, I think I already have her replaced. I did sign up for the Philadelphia marathon while the price was low, so the plan for now is to keep getting miles in and have fun, then get serious in August.

    1. Runner Under Pressure Post author

      All of this sounds so smart to me; ultimately, this has to be mostly fun and this never-ending winter was just taxing. Philly is under consideration for me. I had a great experience there in 2012 so I may see you there! Can’t wait to hear how Ragnar goes.

  2. foxrunsfast

    Sounds like you’ve got a great lineup! I tried (and failed) to channel you this morning during my 5x1000m repeats. Whew! I’m not used to this speedier stuff. I’m intrigued by your July 4th race with edible prizes – that sounds like tons of fun! I’d be all over that, but in Richmond the humidity is so rotten in the summer that racing anything is super tough. That being said, I’ll probably do a half marathon in August as a tune-up for a full marathon in September. I think Erie, PA is the plan at the moment! πŸ™‚

    1. Runner Under Pressure Post author

      A half marathon in August sounds…humid πŸ˜‰ It’s so hard to switch to the fast stuff, isn’t it?! I continue to be amazed that workouts that “sound” easy end up whooping my butt far more than a 10 mile tempo run or a 2 hour steady state effort. The race on the 4th here is awesome but always humid and often windy. Race tactics generally stem from which way the wind is blowing since it’s an out and back course. Still, I’ll do almost anything for strawberry shortcake.


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