Week in Review 3/30/15 to 4/5/15

I survived my first week in Lewiston and on “the wards.” The schedule has taken some getting used to and my legs are thrashed from a week of a lot more walking and standing than normal but I made it. I also somehow made it to taper for the 4 miler, so I’m excited to see how that goes next Saturday.

Monday: 7 miles of loops around Bates Campus plus striders.

As seen on my run...the benefits of running with my phone?

As seen on my run…the benefits of running with my phone?

Tuesday: Gear Changing workout. Added bonus of trying to find somewhere 1) safe 2) flat enough 3) long enough. 5 minutes at T pace, 1 minute rest, 2 by 800 at I pace with 3:00 rest, 400, 300, 300, 200 at R pace with full recovery. 8 miles total. Lifted legs after at the hospital gym.

Wednesday: Insane, insane day at the clinic. Went for a walk while on the phone with my mom instead.

Thursday: 8 mile run with legs that felt just plain horrible. Didn’t realize how hilly it is around here until this run.

Friday: 6 by 300 at R pace for a total of 7 miles. Feeling clunky. Arms after.

Saturday: 5 mile recovery run.

Sunday: 7.2 mile “long run.” Thanks taper! Actually found a lovely place to run north of town so that was nice. Legs feeling a little better.

Total Miles 42.2

Total Miles for March: 217

For this week, I’m going to try to get my runs in before clinic and see how my legs feel. I do have a night shift this week which will mess everything up but I’m hoping I can get my legs to feel a little better before Saturday.

2 thoughts on “Week in Review 3/30/15 to 4/5/15

  1. foxrunsfast

    Good luck on that night shift this week! Hopefully your body will bounce back and you’ll be able to rest a bit and feel good for the race on Saturday. All those speedy intervals must be quite a change from the longer tempo stuff – I’m excited to see that speed work help you crush the 4-miler. Is your hubs still doing the coaching for you? I’m working on putting together a schedule for myself for the fall and am wondering the best way to go about it.

    1. Runner Under Pressure Post author

      It’s so different! Still working on telling myself that it’s okay to have my hands on my knees at the end of reps. Yes, Will is still coaching me; we’re on a 3 week up/1 week down microcycle but will have to revisit that once we both get our feet under ourselves with the third year demands. I’ll tell you more via email, but I have NO idea what I’m doing this fall. Hoping divine intervention will step in on a run soon…


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