Week in Review 4/13/15 to 4/19/15

Monday: 7.4 miles plus striders. Thrilled to sneak this in. Right hip a total mess.

Tuesday: 3 miles just before dark.

Wednesday: Found out that Thorncrag is NOT for runners…7 miles after work.

Thursday: Off day. Too tired to function.

Friday: 5 miles on the new bikepath. Legs felt horrible but grateful to get out.

Saturday: 4 miles before my 24.

Sunday: The best laid plans…3 miles before projectile vomiting and spending the rest of my run on the bathroom floor.

Total Miles: 30

Not the best week, but not the worst considering I worked 84 hours and was on my feet for most of them. Bummed I ended up sick by the end because I really needed a nice long run but trying to be grateful for any miles given what I saw all week. I’m also super inspired by Boston today and of course pondering racing it next year. I vowed that I wouldn’t go back until I earned my elite bib but now I’m rethinking that.

For this week, I’m back to clinic and back to training. Hoping to heal up quickly and tackle some monster workouts in preparation for a redemption 5K when I get back to Vermont.

2 thoughts on “Week in Review 4/13/15 to 4/19/15

    1. Runner Under Pressure Post author

      I really took myself out this time and am still down for the count. Lesson learned: 80+ hours in the hospital will expose you to WAY too many germs. I’ve totally rethought my week and am just grateful for any minutes spent running (jogging, alternating walking and jogging etc). What a transition this has turned out to be!


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