Week in Review: 4/6/15 to 4/12/15

Monday: Woke up with another bout of vertigo so did my run on the treadmill for safety. Just did 4 plus arms.

Tuesday: 3.5 plus striders before night call.

All smiles to be in my call room, headed to bed by 1:30 am!

Wednesday: Post-Call zombie. Hit the track for my last workout. 2 by 1200 (4:19, 4:16) then 5 by 200 “pretty darn quick.” The 1200s felt great, the 200s felt a little awkward. Total of 7.25 miles.

Thursday: Off Day in Prep for Saturday. Tried to spend as much time as possible with my legs up.

Friday: Shakeout run plus strides!

Saturday: Falmouth 4 Miler

Sunday: Inexplicably, an excellent 12 miles after a less than excellent Saturday. I don’t understand my legs sometimes…

Total: 36.4

I’m on Teaching Service this week, which means I’m in the hospital by 5:30 am all week and on call next Saturday from 6 am to 6 am Sunday. The weather looks great this week so I’m hoping to be able to get runs in after work most days. If I’m out too late, I’ll be on the treadmill or just doing the best I can to maintain muscle memory.

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