Week in Review 5.11.15 to 5.17.15

Starting to get into a routine again. Started Inpatient Peds this week, which means I’m in at 6 am and out by 4. Rough on sleep but good for running. Legs were definitely a little toasted from walking around a lot but I’m working on it!

Monday: Workout, drills then 6 by 200 at R pace. Total of 8.8 miles. Legs after.

Tuesday: 6.85 mile recovery run at the crack of dawn with Carl. Solid rain.

Wednesday: In the OR for a bit in the late afternoon so took my rest day. Prorated 7.5

Thursday: 9 mile progression run. Ran for 30 minutes then bumped the pace up every 5 minutes for the next 30 minutes.

Friday: 5.75 mile recovery run.

Saturday: 13 mile long run. Hot out!

Sunday: Workout prep run. Warmed up to the track (misnomer since it’s hot here) then did 2 miles of 300 easy-100 hard. Hip pretty snarky.

Total Miles 56.7

Happy with how this week went. It’s hard to do much other than run, sleep and work but it all worked out. It also stayed pretty hot and humid this week but we did a good job of just staying true to effort. I’ll be upping my miles to 62 miles this week. My other goals are to a) lift arms and legs at least once b) stay hydrated even when I’m running around the floor and c) cut out the afternoon coffee that I’m pretty convinced is interrupting my sleep.


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