Product Review: Skechers GoRun 4

**These were given to me by our local Skechers Rep for product review. Opinions below are my own.**

A pile of Go Runs!

A pile of Go Runs!

Cutting my self-imposed shackles with Saucony is so freeing! While I was at the Craft Brew 5K, I spent some time with the Skechers rep who gave me a pair of GoRuns to try out given my love of the Kinvara. As I told Dave in Stowe, I like to spend a couple of weeks in a shoe before I write a review and I won’t lie if I don’t like the shoe. Luckily, there was no need to lie. Joe and I have both been trying these out over the past two weeks and we agree: it’s an awesome shoe. I took a different approach to reviewing these shoes and put them through their paces in 5 discrete settings: long run, track work, tempo run, day at work and regular run.

Boasting as much color as I usually like!

Boasting as much color as I usually like!

Long Run: Right out of the box, I tried these babies on a 10 mile run and loved them. They are soft underfoot but have plenty of room in the toebox and were comfortable for all 10 miles. I like to leave my shoes a little loose for long runs to allow for foot swelling and the laces were plenty long to do so.

Track Work: I did 400s, 300s and 200s hard for this test workout. Although I found them comfortable, I thought they were a little soft for track work and felt like I was working hard to turn my legs over with the malleable sole.

Tempo Run: This is where these really excel. The nimble fit and light weight (around 5 ounces for my size) were absolutely perfect for a tempo workout. I felt light and efficient for the entire workout.

Day At Work: Not only do these look great with scrubs (well, as good as anything looks with scrubs) but they were comfortable for a day of standing in the OR, which is no small feat. There was enough room for my feet to swell through the day and I never slipped or stuck to…whatever was on the floor.

Regular Run: Totally serviceable for a regular run too. I tried them on both trail and road and found them comfortable enough for both with enough underfoot to protect from rocks and roots on trails.

Overall, I think this is an impressive shoe from a company that is trying to overcome the reputation for making ShapeUps and walking shoes and break into the mainstream running market. The GoRun 4 maintains the excellent road feel and minimal fit of the Kinvara with the cushioning of the Hoka. It would be an excellent racing shoe for 10K to marathon for almost anyone and will definitely be my all-purpose trainer of choice for everything but fast track work where you really need a spike or waffle to move effectively. It’s also extremely durable. I’ve put 60 miles on this shoe in ten days and they look brand new with zero wear on the tread and no stress at the seams. Finally, the fit is really unique and worth trying. I’m not sure if they are intended to be a sockless shoe, but they are virtually seamless and the upper is almost neoprene in quality, which makes you want to run barefoot in them. They even included a hole in the heel area for easy on/easy off. As noted above, the toe box is roomy so narrow-footed runners will definitely want to keep the second insole in (another great way to ensure everyone has a perfect fit).

The other thing I really like about this shoe is the retail price. In a time when shoes keep trending upwards, the GoRun 4 is priced at $100, which makes it an affordable choice. Some of the other offerings (Strada and RunMeb) are a bit more, but the priciest sneaker that they currently make is $130. The apparel is surprisingly nice looking too; I’m looking forward to trying a pair of blue and black boyshorts with a back zipper and wide waistband. I’m also looking forward to trying the GoRun Ride 4 and the Ultra 2 in the coming months.

Enormous thanks to Dave at Skechers for sharing the GoRuns with me!

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