Things People Yell

Level Runner** recently ran a piece on the top 7 things people yell at runners in homage to David Letterman. Many of their top ten resonated with me, especially #3 and #6

I hate being yelled at when I’m running, mostly because it always scares the living shit out of me. I’m usually plodding along, minding my own business and having an internal conversation about why I continue to run when “YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHSSSSSHHHH” gets screamed at me from a car full of (usually) 20ish dudes. In Lewiston, one car was so gracious as to even try to touch me while I was running. Had they been successful, I might still be in the local jail for assaulting a driver…

The most ridiculous thing that comes to mind, however, came on a shitty winter day a few years back. Erin and I were slogging through a long run with slush up to our shins when a young guy drove by, rolled down his window and yelled “I hate you so much!” Okay then.

What has been yelled at you lately?

**Also, if you’re not reading Level Runner or following them on social media, you’re missing out. They are doing an incredible job of covering what is going on in New England and with New England athletes all over the country.

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