Week in Review 6.1.15 to 6.7.15

Monday: 8 miles around Spear Street.

Tuesday: Off Day, prorated to 8 miles.

Wednesday: Speed day. 3 by 400, 3 by 300, 3 by 200 at R pace with full recovery. Hip smarting big time but moving well on the track. 10.7 miles for the day. Legs afterward.

Thursday: 6.5 recovery miles in the humidity with Carl. Botox Clinic for the morning for kids with movement disorders. Reminded me to be grateful for every run.

Friday: Saw my first delivery!!! I didn’t expect to be unmoved by a new human entering the world but it was all I could do to not cry as he arrived. So much for being the professional! Oh, and ran 8 miles around Red Rocks.

Saturday: Tempo Workout between events at the State Meet. 4 by 5 minutes at T pace (6:31, 6:34, 6:40, 6:38). Felt super easy. 9.4 miles total.

Sunday: 15 mile long run. Somehow didn’t think I needed to bring fuel or water, which turned out to be a bad call.

Total Miles: 65.6

Really excited to get a decent week of mileage in. The weather was pretty amazing most days and I am getting a handle on my hips. I’m still not doing a great job of getting strength work in, so I need to make that a priority now that I’m back to normal mileage. I’ll be staying at 65 for the next two weeks so hoping that as I get used to this, I can build in more strength. I’ve been good about marching and drills, though, and feel like my form is getting better. I didn’t end up running the Capital City Stampede as planned because it coincided with the Vermont State Track Meet and let’s face it, I’d much rather watch my girls run than compete. I’ll be looking for a replacement race shortly, however.

I don’t have much constructive to add to the conversation about Alberto Salazar and Galen Rupp, except that I’m really glad that my excuse/way of explaining things has nothing to do with “pushing the envelope” on supplementation. I spent a good part of the week angry about the whole situation but ultimately I’m proud to run clean and to have teammates who do too. I hope that NOP gets investigated heavily and I welcome all the drug testing US Anti-Doping and WADA can bring to clean up our sport.

On a more cheerful note, a lovely piece by Natalie DiBlasio about finding your OWN fast and being proud of your progress.

2 thoughts on “Week in Review 6.1.15 to 6.7.15

  1. foxrunsfast

    Great week! And how exciting that you saw your first delivery!! That’s so cool. Hope those hips continue to improve, but it doesn’t look like it’s slowing you down much – solid track workout! I’m jealous of your amazing weather it’s been 70+ at 5am around here these days and the humidity is crazy. 🙂 Hope this week goes well for you too!

    1. Runner Under Pressure Post author

      Knock on wood, my hips seem to have continued their upswing. You sent your humidity and heat here, however, as it’s gotten absolutely brutal recently. Sweat for days…


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