Week in Review 6.15.15 to 6.21.15

In honor of Father’s Day, I thought I’d start with two stories about my dad and running. When I was in high school, we went to the New England Running Championships, which was a big deal for me. I remember toeing the line and being terrified that I’d be last of the 400+ runners or that I’d get trampled. Incidentally, I did get run in to a pylon about 100 meters into the race but was none the worse for wear. I do distinctly remember running by my dad somewhere on the course and being absolutely BULLSHIT that he wasn’t cheering for me. When I finished, I sputtered to my mom about it, who informed my enraged 14 year old self that he hadn’t been able to cheer because he was choked up from seeing his former 30 week preemie out there running with the best in New England. I gave him a little more credit after that…A few years later when I was really getting back into running, my aunt and I ran a 5K in Maine while my dad cheered. I was winning the whole thing by quite a solid distance and as I came down the final hill, ran by my dad who just gave a fist pump to the sky as I passed by. It remains one of my favorite running moments. So Happy Father’s Day Dad! Thanks for all the years of standing on the sidelines cheering.

Monday: Recovery 7 in the pouring rain. Ab circuit with Will in the afternoon that I whined straight through.

Tuesday: 9.5 mile run with 6 by 200 at the end. Felt horrible to start but warmed up pretty well.

Wednesday: Recovery 7 at night. Kicked myself the whole time for skipping my morning run.

Thursday am: 4 mile morning easy run so I could stretch before the day.

Thursday pm: 3K race on the track! Hoped to run around 11 minutes but 20 mile per hour winds and heat decided none of us were running as fast as we hoped. Ran an 11:20, felt totally in control and most importantly had zero hip pain. 5.5 miles for the evening. Legs afterward.

Friday: 7 mile recovery run.

Saturday: 9.1 mile run with Joe on THE most beautiful Vermont summer day.

Sunday: Inexplicably amazing 16.25 mile run around Spear and Dorset Streets. It was humid with a dew point of 65 yet I felt amazing. I’ll take it.

Total Miles: 65

Another encouraging week! I had some very tired legs on Thursday and Friday but felt poppy again by the weekend. I got a few days of circuit work in with Will which is hard but definitely paying off. Even more importantly, my hip has totally settled down and I’m moving well. Adaptation week ahead (and the last week of Pediatric Clerkship) which will be a nice change.

Finally, in great news, Nick Symmonds continues to kick ass and support athletes. While lots of athletes talk a big game, Symmonds is unapologetic about helping others develop in track and field and relentless about calling out the BS that has become rampant.

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