Week in Review 6.22.15 to 6.28.15

Another rotation done! I finished Pediatrics on Friday and am so proud/amazed to realize that I made it through 7 weeks of really sick kids without getting sick myself. I have a week of “vacation” now, but will really be prepping for my next rotation: OBGyn. I can sum up Third Year as such:

Monday: 6.3 mile recovery run on horrible sleep. Core and arms with the team at night.

Tuesday: Scheduled off day, 7 miles prorated.

Wednesday: 8.18 miles with a (3, 2, 1) x 1 Fartlek. Felt surprisingly good.

Thursday: 6.5 mile recovery run.

Friday: 9 mile Progression Run. Warmed up for 4 then cut down for 4 at 7:23, 6:56, 6:40 and 6:21. Cooled down for a mile. Pretty hot out but dry and enjoyable. Legs after.

Saturday: 11.5 mile long run. I’m loving long runs recently! Arms after.

Sunday: Absurdly rainy 6.5

Total Miles: 55

In many ways, I’m grateful that this was an adaptation week. For some reason, I really struggled with sleep this week and it definitely crushed me to have to get up at 5 every day. That being said, I’m really getting used to morning runs (just in time for my schedule to switch again) and when I have the option, I’m definitely going to stick with that.

Legs are feeling really good. I feel much stronger than I did a couple of weeks ago and my stride is starting to look reasonable again. Back up to 65 this coming week and hoping to keep these positive feelings going. Planning to run a 5K on the 4th but we’ll see how it fits in my week as we’re considering a trip to Maine to visit family.

One thought on “Week in Review 6.22.15 to 6.28.15

  1. foxrunsfast

    Congrats on getting through your Peds rotation and with a solid week of mileage, too! I’m definitely an early morning runner. Even though I hate having to roll out of bed at 4:50am, it’s infinitely preferable to get it done and out of the way early. My legs seem to do better with that arrangement too. (Even though science argues that a late afternoon workout is better – muscles looser, body is fueled up, all systems go) Hope your next week goes well!


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