Week in Review 6.8.15 to 6.14.15

Summer is definitely here!!

Monday: 7 mile recovery run at Catamount. Slippery with mud in places but fun to go somewhere new.

Tuesday: 10 miles of hill work. 8 by 30 seconds hard through Farrell Park. Humid but really starting to move well. Legs afterward.

Wednesday: 7 mile recovery run with Joe. Plod city! Arms after.

Thursday: 8.5 mile run with Carl plus striders. The run was exciting and even included some accidental swimming through a flooded field in the Intervale. If we didn’t get E coli, it was well worth the wet shorts and shoes.

Friday: DO YOUR RUNS IN THE MORNING JERK! Started at yet another clinic on Friday and was anxious so just sort of laid in bed instead of getting my run in and was exhausted (no kidding) by 6 pm. Killer core circuit with Will. Prorated 8 a couple days before my next scheduled off day.

Saturday am: 8.5 mile fartlek run with 1 mile progression to marathon pace, 5 min T, 4 minute recovery, 3 minute at I, 3 min recovery, 2 minute I+, 2 min recovery, 1 minute R pace. Holy humidity but actually felt good to move.

Saturday pm: 4.5 mile shake off run then leg circuit with Will.

Sunday: 15 mile long run.

Total Miles 68.5

I’m psyched with how this week turned out. Despite an unscheduled off day, workouts felt good and I’m getting used to higher mileage again. Will did call me out on not doing enough strength work so he’s taken over making sure I get that in, which is both a plus (I don’t have to think) and a minus (he’s a cruel, cruel master). I know I need to be doing the extras but sometimes it’s easy to convince myself that 15 pushups and 25 crunches counts.

One more week in the 60s and a possible track meet/workout for the coming week!

Absolutely great story coming out of Michigan; Nick Willis is a hero of mine for his unyielding sense of community and fearlessness about speaking out about doping and track in general.

Go Derek Go! Love the bravery.

Speaking of body love, I could NEVER do what this woman did (despite the fact that I run in bunhuggers sometimes), but I give her credit for both the courage and the message. Don’t read the comments…

2 thoughts on “Week in Review 6.8.15 to 6.14.15

  1. Cris

    Hi – one comment. Could you explain your formula again for how you prorate mileage on certain days. (I know you did before, but I can’t find it) I’m not challenging the practice at all – it certainly works very well for you. Just wanted to make sure I understand it – perhaps I’ll incorporate it into my own training, or recommend to friends.

    If you could just point me to a previous post outlining it, that would be helpful.


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