Week in Review 6.29.15 to 7.5.15

I really did run last week, I swear! Inundated with starting ObGyn and didn’t get this out on time at all!

Monday am: 9 mile recovery run.

Monday pm: 3 mile run with the girls. Arms afterward.

Tuesday: 10 mile hill workout in Red Rocks. 6 by 30 second hard.

Wednesday: 7 mile run with 3 by 200 to calibrate for Friday. Was aiming for 41 seconds and totally failed with a 36, 39 and 38. Happy to find that I felt smooth and quick!

Thursday: 9.3 mile run. Hip a little cranky but a beautiful day. Hip core in evening.

Friday am: 3.9 mile shakeout with 4 by 100 on the track.

Friday pm: 6 miles with 1 mile road race. 5:32. Recap here.

Saturday: 5.6 miles of OMG EVERYTHING HURTS and my HR monitor, keeping it below 130.

Sunday: 16 miles in the heat. With bike support and getting up to the rail trail, it was really quite enjoyable although legs still so tired.

Total Miles: 69.9 miles.

Despite being frustrated with my run on Friday, this was an awesome week of running with good miles and hard work. For the first time this cycle, I’ve been a bit sore almost every day but thankfully my hips are behaving well.

As evidenced by it taking me 2 days to get my Week in Review out, the name of the game this week is get 70 miles in whenever you can. Yesterday, I managed to get out in the afternoon and today should be the same. Tomorrow, all bets are off. I’ve learned throughout medical school that when my schedule gets nuts, plans for mileage get a little more flexible. Today, I’ll basically run until I run out of time up to about 12 miles. Similarly, as I have an hour here or there for the rest of this rotation, I’ll take whatever opportunity I have to get miles in.

20 weeks to go!!!!


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