Week in Review 7.20.15 to 7.26.15

Time is flying towards Philly! Somehow I only have a week of clinic and two weeks of L&D until I’m “off” til November. It’s both exciting to think about training full time and terrifying to feel like I’m not in the best shape I could be going into that focused period.

Monday: 7.1 in 87 degrees.

Tuesday: 8.5 at 4:30 am. 2 by (3, 2, 1 minute with equal recovery).

Wednesday: 6 miles at recovery pace.

Thursday: 8.5 miles with Annie. Slowed it down a bit and felt much better.

Friday: 6.2 miles and arms afterward. Starting to feel better.

Saturday: 8.2 mile Progression Run. First three miles of progression felt great; really easy. Last mile was awful.

Sunday: 12 mile run up Mount Mansfield. Yup, 925 feet to 2760 in 3.5 miles. Felt amazing going up. Coming down was a little rough on the quads.

Does this count as altitude?

Does this count as altitude?

Total Miles: 57

This adaptation week was needed both physically and mentally. With a little more focus on food (eating enough of it, on a regular schedule), only running in my GoRuns (can’t explain why my Kinvara and Hoka are killing me) and slowing my pace down, my legs have really calmed down. The weather is becoming a major factor with dew points well into the 70s but it’s a little easier to be patient for progress when no one feels good. Climbing up Mansfield was also a great bonus workout; hard enough to get my heart rate up but (hopefully) not so hard that I ruined my legs for the week.

Back to normal mileage this week. I flip to L&D nights next week so my schedule will be more of a 10 day structure but I’m just working on being grateful for every hour that I get to run!

2 thoughts on “Week in Review 7.20.15 to 7.26.15

  1. Ryan

    That looks like a tough run on Sunday. What kind of pace did you do going up the mountain? Were you on trails/access roads or is there a paved road to the top? For some reason I want to torture myself and try the Whiteface or Mt. Washington road races. It won’t be this year, but I think the Whiteface race will be a priority for next year.

    1. Runner Under Pressure Post author

      We were right around 12 minutes going up and 8 minute miles coming down. It’s a dirt road to the state park then the Vermont Conservation Corps road which is gravel and wide enough for an ATV then finally a traditional hiking trail. I didn’t find climbing bad at all, it was the descent that destroyed me. Still definitely something I want to do again for both mental and physical strength.


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